Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation yoga pose is recommended for professionals of all ages and particularly for those who cannot dedicate lots of time to their yoga routine. The reason this pose is so highly valued has to do with the fact that it entails the respiratory system, in addition to most of the muscle groups.

The truth is, the Sun Salutation is a sequence of twelve yoga places, accompanied by five heavy breaths that are particular and linked together by a fluid movement. Each of the twelve postures leads to extending another part of distinct muscle groups and the body. Also, it helps contracting and extending the chest in order.

Yoga trainers and specialists recommend this exercise for the day-to-day routine, as it can lead in an extremely efficient manner to the flexibility of your back and joints.

Your palms should be in praying posture, in front of your torso. Exhale deeply once you make sure your weight is equally dispersed.

* While inhaling, keep the legs straight, push the arms up and rest the neck.

While your body fold forwards, press your palms down and attempt to put your fingertips with your toes in line.

* While inhaling put it on the floor and bring a leg back.

* Bring the other leg back and try and support your weight on toes and hands. Keep your chin down while performing this move, and keep your breath.

While exhaling your brow and your knees, but keep your hips upward and make certain your toes are curled under.

Point your toes and bend back as possible.

* lift your hips, Curl your toes under and, while exhaling. You should wind up in a V location. While keeping your shoulders back, you should push your heels and head down.

While resting the other knee on the floor, keep your chin up.






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