Sun and pregnancy

It’s time to enjoy sunny days. Is it possible to sunbathe future mothers? After all, while waiting for a child, the body of a woman is hormonally altered, the tan falls more quickly and pigmentation is possible. The size and amount of pigmentation just depends on the length of time in the sun. The process of manifestation of pigmented spots is almost invisible. But as a rule, spots will disappear after 2 months after childbirth.

The sun’s rays are especially useful to those pregnant women who lack sun in everyday life, for example, residents of the north or with immune-conflict. The sun gives us a lot of pleasure, it can increase hemoglobin, produce an important vitamin D.

Also, sunbathing helps to cheer up and relieve stress. During pregnancy, in order to avoid exposure to ultraviolet light, some rules must be observed.

First, do not stay outside during the sun. Go out on the street in the morning until 10 o’clock and in the evening after 18. Do not sleep in the sun, even with cloudy weather.

Secondly, always carry water with you. Water will save from overheating and dehydration.

Third, do not wear tight clothing in the heat. Clinging clothing also helps to overheat the body. And last, do not forget to use special creams. Carefully choose a cream for yourself.

Read the composition, exclude cream containing fragrance, preservatives and colorants. But if you want to be tanned, it’s safer and easier to use lotions for autosunburn. First, check the action of the lotion on a small area of ​​the skin, even if you already used it earlier. Your body is now working differently, so it is more prone to allergic reactions.

If you have an allergic reaction that requires treatment, visit a dermatologist. Treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor, this will reduce the possible harm to your baby. Observance of simple rules will save the life of your baby.

Remember, too long stay under the scorching sun can lead to varicose veins, uterine bleeding, fainting. In addition to the sun, sunburn can be obtained artificially, with the help of a solarium. It is worth noting, experts have not studied the effects of artificial sunburn on pregnancy. Therefore, if you want to visit the solarium, consult your doctor.


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