Strong sleep is necessary for health

Strong sleep is necessary for health

A healthy lifestyle means not only proper nutrition, sports, refusal of cigarettes and alcohol, but also a healthy and strong sleep. The concepts of health and sleep are closely intertwined. When not getting enough sleep, the person becomes very irritable, the mood worsens, there is stress, inattention, immunity decreases. It is necessary to comply with the sleep regime to maintain balance in the body.

We need to understand exactly how sleep affects our body. The hormone cortisol, which is produced in our body, is responsible for protecting our body from stress and hunger.

When we sleep the right amount of time, cortisol in the body is produced enough, which is enough for the whole day. With no rash in our body, cortisol is not enough. Even if you fall asleep in the daytime, then in the morning you will still feel tired, such a dream is considered not strong. This is due to the fact that there is still a lot of cortisol in the body and cells can not react properly to your actions. In this situation, the muscles are not able to recover, losing their strength. In this case, strength exercises will not bring any result. Excess in the body cortisol can trigger a sharp set of excess weight. Reduced appetite is felt only for a while, then the body will require more energy. The person begins to eat more, because the body takes the missing energy from food.

Good on the body affects the sleep regime, it is important to go to bed and get up every day at the same time. Then it will be easier for a person to wake up and fall asleep without any difficulties. For people who work very hard at work, using brain activity and mental work, spend a lot more energy. They can move to sleep, they are more difficult to fall asleep earlier and wake up in the morning. Such a regime first contributes to the disturbance of sleep, and in the future can lead to the development of various diseases. The sleep regime also depends on the biorhythmological features of the body. People of the “lark” type usually go to bed early, which allows them to wake up in the morning with vigorous and full strength. What can not be said about the type of “night owl”, such people go to bed already in the morning and can sleep through the middle of the day.

Usually a person has eight hours to sleep and restore their body. If you do not sleep at night, then the immune system gives in to stress and weakens. A person may develop depression if he takes less than 8 hours to sleep. Every day, the lack of sleep will accumulate, provoking stress and various diseases.

It is impossible to get rid of lack of sleep, trying to compensate for sleep on weekends. During the whole week the organism lends itself to severe exhaustion, which can not be completely restored in one day. Defective sleep has strong consequences. Old cells are not updated, as usually happens when we sleep. Because of this regime, the body can grow old in two, or even three times faster than usual. Therefore, it is important for a normal life span to sleep a certain number of hours.

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