Strict changes in lifestyle and diet can not only prevent heart attacks

But can turn the clogging of the arteries, based on a study that is modest but initiating.

Specialists say this is the first study to report that such blockage can be turned without using cholesterol-lowering drugs or operation.

This is an extremely significant study in the control of heart disease. It is the initial study suggesting regression of coronary heart disease without pharmaceutical intervention. The results additionally indicate the present medical guidelines for changes in the customs of people who have serious heart disease don’t go far enough.

Previous studies have demonstrated that diet and exercise changes can slow the progression of heart disease, but not turn it.

While the study didn’t ascertain what percent of development could result from the lifestyle changes alone, the researchers noted that pressure-control systems have been demonstrated to calm recovery from an assortment of ailments, including hypertension.

But some experts are skeptical of the need for stress management techniques, which aren’t now for people with serious heart disease among regular recommendations.

Some specialists on cardiac rehabilitation question whether most individuals with heart disease could follow such changes that are strict within their customs.




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