Spring is an excuse to clear toxins

Freshness and updates especially want in the spring. For most women, spring is an occasion to update your hair or clothes. But all this will not bring freshness, if not get rid of toxins. Spring is a very favorable season for purification. Nature itself helps the body at this moment. It is important only not to perceive purification as a total restriction in food. So you just weaken the already weakened body.

Cleansing of toxins and toxins is most logical to combine with the vitamin make-up of the body. It is beneficial to reflect on the condition of the skin, and on the figure. The best recipe for cleansing is the transition to a fruit diet with a predominance of citrus fruits. Program minimum – regular consumption of water with lemon juice. It gently cleanses the body, and at the same time becomes a powerful injection of vitamin C. The maximum program is a glass of freshly squeezed orange sedge every day. With a convenient juicer for citrus fruits, this does not require heroic efforts, and the effect of cleansing, rejuvenation, and renewal will be stunning.

Important point: you should not abuse citrus for those who have high acidity. Otherwise, purification will cause too much damage to the stomach. You can lose weight and it will be possible, but it will be a painful thinness, coupled with unpleasant sensations in the digestive tract. We do not need such problems. Therefore, in pursuit of beauty, do not forget to take care of yourself and listen to your own feelings.

With increased acidity, the fight against toxins is conducted with the help of any other freshly squeezed juices. Ideal option – carrot juice. And cheap, and affordable, and useful. Updating the body fluid will be provided. Structured water, which is contained in juices, cleans the body at the cellular level, helps to update the water content of each cell.

An old good Russian steam room will help to aggravate the useful effect of spring juice therapy. Hike to the bath – the second part of the purification procedures. This will help achieve a huge update effect. To find a good bath today is not a problem. So we find the nearest Russian bath house and cheerfully go there together with all the remaining toxins in order to leave them there.

Very cool will help pull out of the body all the pollution of a normal birch broom. Birch leaves have the property of swelling well in the steam room and securely stick to the body, sucking out of the cells all the accumulated slag. One hour in the steam room will help neutralize the effect of “unjust” life on harmful products that pollute the body.

To complement cleaning procedures is best a mask of honey and salt. Just check in advance if your skin has an allergic reaction to honey. If the skin is well “friendly” with honey masks, do not disdain this powerful cleanser. And after the bath and honey rubs, again lean on the juices. So the circle of spring cleansing will close. And toxins will not have a chance to stay in the body.

Elena, www.garmoniazhizni.com

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