Spirulina for weight loss

Spirulina for weight loss

Almost all women think that they need to lose weight. And many who heard about spirulina for weight loss. They say the marine dwellers give a slender effect. So what is it really? Myth or reality?

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is an alga that has a blue-green tint and is coiled. Find it is not easy enough. Because of its love for warmth and light, it lives in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, as well as in fresh lakes and off the coast of China.

Spirulina has a unique composition, which includes vitamins, amino acids, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty enzymes. This compound helps to prevent obesity. In addition to the build-up effect, spirulina still cares for your liver, protecting it from the bad effects of toxins. Improving the metabolism and removing toxins from the body, while getting the necessary trace elements for the normal functioning of the body – all this will help spirulina. Special capsules contribute to the loss of excess kilograms per month.

Properties of algae

Does spirulina harm? It has been used for quite some time in medicine, but it has not been fully studied. Spirulina has beta-carotene and has anti-edematous effect.

Where is the truth, but where is the myth?

How does spirulina promote weight loss? Let’s analyze several opinions.

Some believe that spirulina draws a liquid into itself, thereby filling the place in the abdomen, which gives a feeling of satiety. This thought is not true. Just think how much spirulina would have to be in this case.

Others believe that spirulina accelerates the metabolism. This is also not true. It will normalize the metabolism and help people suffering excess weight, on the basis of impaired metabolism. Ladies who just want to throw off a couple of pounds to look like a model, it will not help.

They say spirulina reduces appetite. Here, opinions vary, since this is more of an individual reaction to a drug. In some cases, algae caused even greater appetite.

Spirulina is used in various cosmetic preparations against cellulite. Here spirulina plays auxiliary functions: smoothes the skin and saturates it with vitamins.

These algae have a very wide range of uses in prevention and treatment. The dose, for preventive purposes, should not be more than 3 grams. And the treatment usually takes about a month. During treatment, the dose increases to 5 g. If there is a problem with constipation, the algae is drunk on an empty stomach and washed down with a significant amount of liquid. If there are problems with diarrhea, then you should use spirulina during meals. The child’s dose and the dose of a woman, during pregnancy, is 2 g per day.


It is impossible to say unequivocally whether alga is useful in losing weight. It has a huge number of useful properties, it improves immunity, normalizes metabolism. In healthy people, as a rule, there are no problems with obesity. But this spirulina is just an auxiliary element, a balanced diet and active sporting activity has not been canceled.


Daily use of spirulina does not harm the body of a healthy person. However, if you are hypertensive or you have a chronic kidney disease, you should agree on its use with your doctor.

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