Spiritual causes of female diseases

Spiritual causes of female diseases

Everyone knows that the soul and body are one. Therefore, for various diseases, sources are not only physical, but also spiritual causes. This is a sign of violation of certain spiritual laws. How do you know what to treat, body or soul?

Here are some of the root causes of women’s ailments

1. Extremely negative attitude to sex life, rejection of it

With negative experience of sexual life, resentment and complexes are formed, and an unconscious ban on intimate relationships often arises. It is recommended to remember in painful detail painful memories and relive them anew, emotional relaxation is desirable. Then forgiveness. Forgive someone who has offended to gain inner freedom.

2. Excessive love for carnal relations

At indulgence to the sexual desires, illegibility in communications the soul of the woman very suffers. After all, initially the image of a woman is pure and unblemished.

There may be a hidden resentment towards the father, or his absence in life. To change the situation, you should talk with your father and try to understand and forgive

3. Insult to men.

When grievances help the acceptance of that situation and forgiveness

4. Excessive love of men

With the idealization of men, dependence on them is likely that a woman has not realized in life. Naturally, a woman should look for herself in some sort of business

5. The lack of a woman’s own “I”, her social role, feminine, dislike for her body and self-deprecating attitude towards herself.

For a girl, her mother is an image of a woman to follow, if this image evokes negative feelings, in adulthood, she denies her femininity. Trying to make contact with the mother will help to accept herself as a woman.

6. Growing your own ego, exalting yourself above others.

Work on yourself, develop compassion for people.

7. Life laid on the altar of service to children.

Change their attitudes, finding a favorite business, getting rid of the desire to serve and feelings of “need”

8. Unwillingness to give love and affection to their children and husband, and sometimes the refusal to have a family of selfishness.

Sometimes a woman is afraid of pregnancy because of the reluctance to spoil the figure, does not want to waste energy on her children, she completely lacks the desire for family life. Here we need work on fears, disclosure of internal potential. Such a woman has not yet revealed her true nature.

When fighting your fears, grievances, negative thoughts, you should remember that we choose what to feel for ourselves. And if a woman decides to become happy, to enjoy every day, accordingly healthy, then she will be like that.

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