Smile – a pledge of happiness and success

Smile - a pledge of happiness and success

The most beautiful and joyful phenomenon is a smile. People are always pleased to receive smiles, this makes them happier, more confident and in the shortest time improves mood. However, not everyone believes that thanks to a smile you can achieve a lot. People think that by becoming cold and closed they can get what they want. Why does a happy and bright future depend on a smile?

Look at the happy man. He is happy with everything that happens, because his life is beautiful. There is nothing to upset him, any failures bypass him. Everything that he does not do – raises him. Smile is the key to any door. So, with a new acquaintance or job interview, a smile will help you to place your companion and to subconsciously force him to trust you and believe your words.

But for a smile to have the desired effect, your teeth should be clean, even and healthy, and your breath fresh. If your teeth need treatment, then here you will learn a lot of useful information.

If you became a party to the conflict, and want to quickly finish it – just smile and shut up. You can say something good, and leave. First, your act will cause a feeling of shame in the person with whom the dispute arose. Secondly, your assessment in the eyes of the disputant will greatly increase, he will consider you a strong, literate and intelligent person. And this means, he definitely wants to make peace first and establish friendly relations with you.

A very good smile helps the students. When answering questions, protecting course and diploma work, explaining when late or absent, the smiling person not only entrusts the teacher that he answers sincerely, but also gives a hidden sign in order to love the student. Though a little lazy.

How to smile?

Your smile should be natural. Do not show it through your teeth. People very subtly feel when a person smiles with all his heart, and when he sarcasts or pretends that he is pleased. Therefore, smiling, discard all the negative emotions, and if you need to smile, but do not particularly want to – remember a pleasant moment in life, imagine a loved one or the fact that you got absolutely free of the desired thing. Such representations will cause you to have the most sincere, beautiful and delightful smile.

In general, it is better to first train your skill in front of the mirror. Smile your reflection from different angles. Look, try, learn. Remember what your most beautiful smile looks like and give it to others. Smile is an indicator of happiness, confidence and well-being of a person. With such people you want to constantly communicate, learn about them something new, get infected with their energy. Smile and before you will be the whole world!

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