Sivananda Yoga

Swami Sivananda, is a type of hatha yoga. The training
Focuses on maintaining well-being and the wellness of the

Those who teach this style of yoga all must be
graduates of the training class in Sivananda Yoga.
Training Class fluctuate in their degrees and age
of skill.

program, Sivananda training centres around regular
Easiness in addition to emphasizing total, yogic


The Sivananda training system attempts to keep the
Body?s energy, retard the process that is rotting and
Reduce the odds of getting a disease by naturally
and just educating the body. The doctrines of
Sivananda training are summarized in five primary

* Suitable Pranayama or respiration

* Easiness of Savasana

* Diet: The yogic
Any rajasic or foods that are tasmasic.

* the practice of or Positive thinking and meditation
A training session usually starts with each
Professional resting in Savasana. Everyone starts with
This is beginning with the regular software
that takes into account the twelve fundamental asanas.
The conventional program is generally left up to the
flexibility of the teacher.
variation that’s significant so as not to let
sessions to become tedious for the participants.




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