Signs of pregnancy are dubious and probable

How to understand that a pregnancy has come? This question, sooner or later, most women ask themselves. Get this answer to this article.

Official medicine divides the signs of pregnancy into three groups: questionable (they are also called hypothetical), probable and reliable. The last category of symptoms appears from the second half of pregnancy, when the fact of its presence does not cause doubts, and there is no need to consider them in this article.

In the beginning there are supposed symptoms, they are, as a rule, subjective. There may be aversion to fish, meat, other products and also craving for spicy and sour dishes (pickles, sauerkraut). Nausea appears, in the mornings can be vomiting. Often there are perversions of taste, there is a strong desire to chew chalk, lime, clay and other similar substances. There is an aversion to certain smells – perfume, cigarette smoke, etc. A woman can become irritable and whiny, or drowsy and withdrawn. There may be a discoloration of the skin on the face, abdomen, nipples, nipples, but this is not necessary.

These symptoms suggest that pregnancy is possible and watch yourself closely. The main probable sign is the delay in menstruation, there is also an increase in the breast. In combination with other symptoms, this often indicates that the pregnancy has occurred. From the eighth day of delay of monthly it is possible to take advantage of the express test. Currently, these pregnancy tests give the probability of a correct diagnosis of 92-100%.

Presence of the listed signs and the positive test is the sufficient basis for visiting the doctor of the gynecologist. Upon examination, the specialist will determine the presence or absence of pregnancy, if necessary, assign an ultrasound or a laboratory examination, identify possible pathologies.

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