Should I take antidepressants?

Should I take antidepressants?

Recently, more and more people suffer from stress, all sorts of anxieties and fears, so doctors are increasingly prescribing drugs against anxiety and depression – antidepressants. Depression has become a truly popular phenomenon, it is difficult to find a person who at least once did not fall into depression or did not experience stress. How effective are antidepressants and whether it is worth taking them to an ordinary person?

A doctor may suggest that you try antidepressants if you see that you yourself can not cope with their own conditions. It is very important that you trust the person who prescribes medicines to you, talk about possible side effects of the drugs (some cause a decrease in libido and weight gain), and discussed how long it will take them. If you are prescribed a sedative, this does not mean that you will now constantly have to sit on the pill. You can stop receiving them at any time, but it is advisable to consult your doctor before it.

Admission of antidepressants is better combined with regular sessions of psychotherapy. It may seem very tempting to swallow the pills and think: “Hey, I’m okay, why is there some other therapist? “On the contrary: when you feel more stable, it is much easier for you to cope with your problems with a therapist. Medications do not take away the underlying causes of anxiety or depression, but they can make you more receptive to discussing these issues, deep digging in your soul in search of the roots of the problems that all started. One of the therapists described the use of antidepressants without psychotherapy sessions as “sealing a slowly bleeding wound with a bactericidal plaster.” Medication therapy is most effective in combination with regular sessions of psychotherapy.

Depression has an unpleasant property that repeats itself regularly. If you go through a course of treatment (antidepressants + therapy), your chances of overcoming the next depression will increase significantly. You will be prepared both mentally and physically.

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