Self-teacher in yoga

It is a complex science as a healthy lifestyle, factors that have a positive therapeutic effect on the body, and factors that hinder the health of the body.

Implies the impact on bioactive points in various areas of the body surface. Includes acupressure, canal therapy, bloodletting, moxibustion.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of cultivation of man. A person practicing qigong, in the opinion of the Chinese sages, accumulates the energy of heaven and earth, which unite in it and acquire a new quality. Qigong practice includes physical, breathing, and meditative exercises. The effectiveness of training depends on the correctness of the performance of techniques.
 Yoga is the oldest knowledge of finding harmony, merging with nature, self-knowledge and through it the knowledge of the universe. In addition, the practice of yoga has a powerful healing effect on the human body, making it strong and flexible.

Each medicinal plant contains one or more substances that can, under appropriate conditions, provide medicinal properties. Their applications, folk recipes.

Alternative medicine has a second alternative name. This term indicates methods of identification, prevention.

Aromatherapy is one of the directions of medicine, based on the specific effects of aromas on the human body. Aromas are numerous, and therefore their influence varies.
 Aromatherapy says that fragrances, smells are able to protect the human body from the negative effects of the environment, improve health, relieve stress, etc. Thanks to the amazing properties of aromas, a person has the opportunity to move to another energy level.

The direction of medicine, which helps to effectively fight a variety of diseases, without side effects, unlike most drugs. Homeopathy suggests a method of treatment like the like. When homeopathic treatment takes into account all the individual characteristics of the patient, including even the nature and appearance

Reiki () is an ancient art of physical, spiritual and mental healing through the transfer of energy through the hands.

In the right breath, the path to health, beauty, and even to perfection of man’s spiritual abilities, his ability to control his life is concluded.

Traditional medicine contains knowledge about the treatment of the body, which pass from generation to generation, replenishing with new recipes.

There are many methods of proper nutrition, how to find the most accurate and suitable for you? A section on the basic elements of the diet, what foods are good for health.

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Health and spiritual perfection is the key to harmony.

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