Self-confidence is the way to become yourself

Self-confidence is the way to become yourself

Both women and men sometimes experience strong pressure from their environment, mistakes at work, problems in the family, lack of mutual understanding with their close people. As a result, people lose control over their feelings and self-confidence.

What is self-confidence?

Confidence is an adequate assessment of one’s abilities, the ability to perceive problems as problems and solve them by available methods, to be yourself in different situations without adjusting to the environment and other situations.

Confidence is a correct self-assessment that reflects the real capabilities of a person. Opportunities for all are different, someone can spend hours working physically, and someone only mentally, and someone and so and so work daily, but half a day. Prospects for development are also defined and there is an affordable limit, but often people do not really realize how high it is, it can be achieved for a very long time, thinking that the stage that is now is the limit of possibilities.

What undermines self-confidence?

Like most problems, lack of self-confidence is education, what has been laid down since childhood, as well as criticism, which adversely affects the development of the personality as a whole. Criticism of parents, criticism of the boss, criticism of teachers and teachers, criticism of friends – the whole society is so hard at perceiving someone’s success in comparison with their failures, which completely wants to suppress the initiative and confidence of a successful person, whether it’s a child or an adult.

What is necessary for the emergence of self-confidence?

First of all, what needs to be done relates to upbringing, the adequacy of parents and their care and caring for their own child will instill confidence in him from childhood. Further on, the person grows and develops, but there can be no certainty, then situations are created artificially where he can express himself, his possibilities, to understand what he really is capable of, there are pedagogical techniques for children, training in a group allows one to create “Success situations” for insecure students.

The second action or complex aimed at raising self-esteem and gaining confidence is suggestion. It is desirable that a person himself inspires himself about what is needed, when a person speaks to himself privately, there is no criticism, he struggles with his complexes and grows in his own eyes, he can criticize himself or solve his problem. Suggestion must be done after waking up, in front of the mirror in the most ordinary form, you need to speak calm phrases, such as: “I am a confident person”, “I am a handsome man”, “I am smart and successful.” Some psychologists recommend to smile to themselves and make faces to raise their spirits, in fact, the subconscious at these times highlights a pleasant facial expression and connects it with the statement about oneself, then it analyzes everything, in the future starts talking about itself in a positive way, becomes more confident, and Facial expressions will be pleasant.

In the third case, for self-confidence a person needs the support of relatives, it is necessary to create “success situations” for him, to give compliments, and criticism should be only constructive, in essence. Support for loved ones is very important, as a person is a social organism, he can not exist separately from other people.

Also, throughout life, a person must engage in self-development. To do this, read fiction, attend courses and trainings, study foreign languages, develop memory, logic and thinking.

It is important to set goals and achieve them. It is not necessary that these are huge goals, small enough. Regular setting and achievement of goals motivate and give confidence.

And, of course, love not only inspires, but also gives confidence. After all, when you are loved and when you love, you become capable of much, much more than you expected.

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