Saving while losing weight. We exclude unnecessary expenses

From the very first days of spring, we begin to mobilize in order to withstand another round of struggle for a slender figure. Is it worth while using cosmetics, various procedures and a whole list of vitamins? We offer you some recommendations that will help you understand the essence of the process and safely save.

Unfortunately, most girls blindly believe in advertising texts relating to all these “magical” metamorphoses “before” and “after”. They conscientiously and zealously cool the stomach, warm up the buttocks and rub the most expensive cosmetic products for weight loss into their bodies. Yes, of course, some effect can be noticed. In one place – a centimeter, but in another – a kilogram. However, the result for some reason happens only after using a certain diet.

You can safely say that using a well-chosen diet will save you from having to expose yourself to various procedures and spending on “miraculous” balms for weight loss. Are we really so easily manipulated by marketing and advertising? Unfortunately it’s true. If you use information obtained from reliable sources, and not from the sellers of the corresponding drugs, then you quickly learn that cosmetics for weight loss does not make it slimmer. Unfortunately.

It would be great to be able to buy an inexpensive cream and lose any extra centimeters without any changes in your way of life. Alas, but this is impossible. Where did the statement that cosmetic products are capable of destroying fatty tissue appeared at all?

The truth is that some particles of active components show similar properties in an artificial environment – in the laboratory. In the laboratory! From the surface of our body to do the same “trick” they are not capable. If our skin so easily missed everything that it gets, we would be constantly ill and did not live long.

Human skin is a special organ that must protect the body from a variety of harmful and aggressive external factors, which include, in particular, viruses and bacteria, as well as various toxic substances, for example, contained in detergents. And it perfectly performs its function, not missing even, unfortunately, many nutrients from cosmetic products.

Scientists have to invent, and then also invent, how best to use special carriers that will help introduce active ingredients through the layers of the epidermis into the dermis. And now remember that subcutaneous fatty tissue is even deeper, and it is almost impossible to get to it the ingredients intended for weight loss. The only way out is injection. And already here comes to the aid of aesthetic medicine.

Are treatments for weight loss effective?

In fact, many procedures from the list of aesthetic medicine do not help very much. Most often, this is a local intervention, such as fat suction, with the help of liposuction or a series of injections of a drug that destroys fat cells. But no doctor will agree to cut our whole body. And after the procedure, if you do not follow the diet, the remaining cells gain an additional volume, and the effect of weight loss can not be achieved.

Therefore, when the next time you think that you have excess weight only because of a lack of money for specific procedures, consider the recognition of a professional woman in the field of aesthetic medicine. She argues that, despite access to the most modern and expensive equipment, a lifetime is on an individually selected diet.

Is there an effective dietary supplement for weight loss?

Some nutritional supplements can do something. But, all the same, without a proper diet, there will be no effect. Popular “sinks” or “burners” of fat, in fact, are able to absorb this component from food, but not more than 30%. Therefore, if you think that you can eat pizza, and then a couple of tablets and do not type anything, you are very wrong. In addition, such a food supplement, as a rule, is taken once a day, and therefore only works once. And your food consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner – and this is the minimum.

Some other substances containing active amino acids are really capable of accelerating the burning of fat. However, here is a significant feature – within an hour after swallowing the pill should be dealt with for 90 minutes. This is known to lovers of fitness and bodybuilding, who regularly use these drugs.

However – only before training. Without physical activity, performed at the right time, the use of this component does not have any effect on the weight loss process. What is the conclusion? To achieve good results in losing weight, each of us needs sufficient motivation, will, and also significant changes in the daily diet. Perhaps this is not happy with someone, but knowing the truth will help you to save on buying unnecessary drugs and paying for useless procedures.

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