Saving in times of crisis

Saving in times of crisis

That’s hard times, prices in stores are growing at an unprecedented rate, and wages do not increase. In order to live in the current conditions, you have to switch to the economy mode. Your attention is presented to several tips in order to reduce their costs.

Savings on utilities

You can save a lot on utilities. Less often to use hot water, let’s say for washing it is not necessary to type a full bath, but just take a shower for five minutes. For those who have electricity meters standing day and night, washing clothes, working with an iron and various works with powerful appliances it is better to produce after twelve o’clock in the morning. Try to use lighting in the rooms and TV. Thus, you can save about 500 rubles.

Saving on products

It is necessary to revise the food basket, which was before the crisis. You will certainly find a number of products that you do not use for compulsory needs. Stores for purchase should be used with lower mark-ups, and reasonable prices. Some products can be replaced with cheaper ones. And the main thing to control your spending on food, they should not be more than one-third of your budget.

Saving on things

Earlier it was possible to allow to buy things for each season, but now it is necessary to approach this question reasonably. First, clothes are best bought at a low price. In the summer, winter clothes, and in winter it is necessary to dress for the summer. It is necessary to revise the places of their purchases. As a rule, there are always analogues of your acquisitions, but at lower prices. If you compare prices, then online shopping is often more profitable. It is also necessary to observe all sorts of discounts and promotions. It’s not worth chasing the expensive names and firms, thirty percent of the price in such products is advertising. It is also possible to revise your wardrobe, and some things put up for sale on the Internet.

For the overall economy of your budget, you need to reconsider all your costs. Let’s say you, somewhere use the city transport, and if this distance can be traversed in 15-20 minutes, then this will save you a tidy sum for a month. It is necessary to abandon bad habits. The purchase of cigarettes a month takes a large amount, and if you calculate the cost for a month, it is enough for a large purchase. Daily beer also requires high costs. Pay less attention to advertising, it encourages you to buy unnecessary goods.

You can always save money, the main thing is to ask yourself a real goal and start.

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