Salpingoophoritis is an inflammation of the appendages of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Causes are an infectious factor. Infection can be transmitted sexually, is brought as a result of external interference or through blood from infected areas of the body.

The first signs – pulling and stitching pain in the lower abdomen, increased body temperature, pain during sexual intercourse. Often the symptoms of salpingo-oophoritis are manifested in the form of frequent and painful urination, irregular menstrual cycle, malfunctioning of the intestine.

For treatment, you should consult a specialist. The doctor, having conducted the necessary examination, taking into account the course of the disease and the peculiarities of the organism, will prescribe the necessary preparations, procedures, nutrition, etc.

Typically, the treatment of salpingo-oophoritis includes the use of antibiotics, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory agents and local treatment of the mucosa with antiseptics.

Particular attention is paid when the salpingo-oophoritis and pregnancy are combined. In this situation, treatment should be as local as possible, fast, strong and cautious at the same time. Often in this case, prescribe drugs to protect the fetus.

Salpingoophoritis is a rather complex disease. It has many forms and stages. So, one-sided and two-sided salpingo-oophoritis are distinguished. In turn, one-sided can be right-sided or left-sided (depending on the location of the focus of inflammation.

In addition, this disease is distinguished by the stage and extent of its development.

Acute bilateral is characterized by drawing pains in the lower abdomen, abundant discharge from the genital tract, poor health, increased body temperature, etc. If these symptoms are present, do not delay the visit to the doctor. The specialist on the basis of gynecological examination, general blood and urine tests, ultrasound results will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

How to treat? In general, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating therapy is used. Perhaps a combination of drug treatment with laser, physiotherapy. Rehabilitation is crucial, it consists in normalizing the intestinal flora and vaginal flora, preventing adhesions in the small pelvis and preventing the chronic form of the disease.

Acute salpingo-oophoritis with timely access to a specialist and the right treatment complex can be successfully eliminated.

Subacute salpingo-oophoritis is most dangerous and cunning, as it is characterized by “greased” symptoms. Pain in the abdomen is irregular and unintensive, discharge – periodic, temperature – normal, well-being and performance – satisfactory. And because a woman does not immediately sound alarm. Meanwhile, slowing and untimely treatment threatens with undesirable consequences, down to infertility.

The most severe form of the disease is chronic salpingoophoritis. It occurs as a result of untimely treatment to the doctor, complications of acute and subacute form of the disease.

Chronic salpingoophoritis is an alternation of two stages of exacerbation and remission. At an exacerbation there are signs of an acute form of the disease. With remission, the symptoms do not manifest themselves.

With a chronic form, serious negative changes occur in the woman’s body. There is a loss of physiological functions of the mucosa and muscle of the uterine tube, the development of connective tissue, narrowing of the lumen of the vessels, sclerotic processes. With prolonged or intensive course of the disease, obstruction of the fallopian tubes occurs and the adhesive process around the ovaries begins.

Treatment of chronic salpingo-oophoritis is a long and specific process. In addition, there is no guarantee of full recovery. In severe cases, surgical intervention is performed. For example, if the chronic right-sided progresses or is launched so much that it threatens to damage the fallopian tubes – the operation is unavoidable. Equally serious danger to health is also chronic left-sided salpingo-oophoritis.

The most severe form is bilateral chronic salpingo-oophoritis. It poses a serious threat to the health of women. In addition, it can cause infertility. And if the pregnancy is still there, a real threat of intrauterine infection of the fetus or its loss is created.

Also, with bilateral salpingo-oophoritis, an ectopic pregnancy is possible, which is equally dangerous, both for the life and health of the child, and for the mother. Evidence of this is the medical history of thousands of women. Alas, salpingo-oophoritis is a fairly common disease. According to statistics, it affects every fifth woman.

In combination with general therapy, you can use herbal medicine. There are several prescription fees designed to fight the insidious disease.

Buds and leaves of birch – 2.5 parts.

Peppermint leaves – 1.5 parts.

Leaves arnica mountain – 1.5 parts.

Grass of swine – 1 part.

The leaves of barberry are 2 parts.

Yarrow herb – 2 parts.

Grass Grout – 1 part.

Seeds of oats – 5 parts.

Flowers lily of the valley May – 1 part.

Leaves and fruits of black currant – 5 parts.

Grass horsetail – 2 parts.

2 tbsp. spoon collection pour 500 ml of boiling water.

Infuse for an hour.

Strain, add honey and lemon to taste.

Drink in warm form for ½ cup 6-8 times a day.

1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers is poured ½ cup of boiling water.

Drink in hot form 3 times a day.

However, do not forget that the best treatment is prevention.

Observe the rules of hygiene, be careful and on time visit the doctor.

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