Restoring after winter

Restoring after winter

The long-awaited spring has come, which means it’s time to wake up from hibernation and depression and bring your body and mood in order. In this article we will talk about simple methods, using which you can easily return to form after the winter, improve your health and look fresh.

After a cold winter, the warm ray of the sun so radishes and then everyone rushes to throw off their heavy clothes. But not everyone likes what lies beneath them. This is the physiology of the living: in the cold, you need to store fat. The person also stores, but he does not have much to spend, so in the spring it is very important to get rid of the ballast.

If you can walk to work for half an hour, then you need to plan the morning in such a way as to take a walk. Of course, there are always factors with which you can escape from walking, but this is everyone’s business.

If after work there is no time for anything, because you need to cook dinner, feed relatives, clean and so on, then I assure you that, for example, washing dishes can be postponed and go for a walk. Evening walking is very important and useful both for good physical well-being, and psychological.

This kind of active pastime is the most accessible in all respects: both financial and physiological, because you can go with yourself and your thoughts, with music, with friends or relatives and it does not cost a penny.

Walking is included in daily life, it’s time and food to tidy up.

Yes, spring is poor for vitamins, but this does not mean that you need to run to the pharmacy for promotional pills. Since the winter season, vegetables have remained rich in vitamins and at a price they will not hit your pocket. Everyone knows white cabbage, beets, turnips, carrots, onions. From these seemingly ordinary, vegetables, with a drop of imagination, you get fantastic vitamin salads that will add variety after the winter menu. In a week you can see the changes in your health and body. The main thing is there are small portions, otherwise there is a risk to stretch the stomach, respectively, to increase the appetite, which often visits at night. In the dark, at the refrigerator, with a clean conscience, you can have a salad of 200 grams.

Water is the basis of nutrition. Often there is information that you need to drink plenty of water, about 2 liters, but this is not entirely true. Each person has his own norm. The organism violent drinking is also difficult to tolerate, so do not overdo it, but drink a little more than you want and that’s enough. Also, a glass of warm water can kill hunger at night, but remember that the kidneys also want to sleep at night. They do not work at full, respectively, the liquid is distributed under the skin, especially noticeable on the face.

Due attention should be paid to the skin, which, after winter, is also reconstructed, gets used to a milder temperature regime. Often there is peeling, itching or vice versa, the increased work of the sebaceous glands. Here patience and care are needed. Once the temperature regime is established, the skin will become more elastic and radiant. The task is to facilitate her adaptation period: to carry out a couple of pilling procedures, but not aggressive, then moisturizing. All this does not take much time, but the result will not be long in coming.

Dream. Without sleep, even Napoleon could not do without, which attached too little importance to this process, fell into a deep sleep after two and a half days, whence the expression “and you can not wake a cannon”. It is absolutely obvious that absolutely all living organisms need rest. This is recharging the battery, batteries, and if the charge is low, the system either works poorly, or saves a lot of energy, in a word, inefficiently.

It is very important to plan your day and night. Everything must be allocated a certain amount of time, otherwise there will be failures. Only balance and harmony will give a sense of a full life and joy. The examples given in the articles are simple and cheap, but self-organization must come from within. Having spent these simple actions in the complex it is easy to understand and feel how easy it is to return a good mood and look.


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