Restoration of the body after 50 years

Restoration of the body after 50 years

All of us are lazy to wake up a little earlier, take the first step to meet our own weight loss, abandon previously used products and habitual for our body lifestyle. Lovely women and men, if you begin to do exercises and eat right at least 50 years from now, you absolutely do not face an early aging of the body.

Cleaning your body is never too late, doing simple exercises every day. It is never too late to fight for treatment and recovery of the body, it’s your life and only you are responsible for it.

To begin it is necessary from a campaign to doctors and careful inspection (the electrocardiogram of a roentgen of internal organs, research of urine and the clinical analysis of a blood). If after examination contraindications were not found, you can start with the appropriate for your age necessary exercises and exercises.

To begin with, you need to work out a diet that is right for your body. To include in the diet necessarily dairy products, allocate one day a week a fruit day. Eat all sorts of fruits.

Next, we begin to perform non-complex physical exercises. Remember, if before that day you were not engaged in any physical exercises, then lethargy, stoop, deformation of the joints at your age is practically irreparable. The cause is cicatricial changes in the joints of the bones. Such changes will not quickly disappear anywhere, but try to restore and bring the body, joints into working capacity.

Of course, you need to be careful to start with the upper limbs, that is, hands moving to the lower extremities of the legs and fingers on the hands and feet, so that your joints come in the appropriate shape for your age. Then you can add exercises for the torso and body. All exercises must be done smoothly, slowly, do not rush and zealous. Do not stress your body, do exercises no more than three times a week. When you feel a surge of energy, you can switch to everyday workouts.

Do not wait for a quick and immediate result, having accumulated a lot of cholesterol for so many years, what did you expect. Each organism is individual, it is not necessary to pursue the struggle for the ideal figure for a friend who started to deal with you at the same time. All in good time and you will not be forced to wait for your result, perhaps even better.

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