Recovery of a woman after childbirth

Recovery of a woman after childbirth

Childbirth, even if they were very light, is a very difficult and complicated process, after which a woman needs a certain restoration. With pregnancy, a woman has both external and internal (psychological) changes, which we will try to consider now.

The delivery is of two kinds – the so-called cesarean section (the operation by which the child is extracted through the incision in the uterus), respectively, the recovery will vary depending on them and the natural childbirth.

After the operation, the cesarean section of recovery will be longer, because you first need to make the stitch heal and only then adjust your lifestyle – adding physical activity. Usually, to start doing light physical exercises, only after six months after childbirth.

If a woman had a natural birth with an episiotomy (a cut of the perineum), then the recovery after childbirth will also be a little longer, in the case without him.

Pay attention to your figure and do physical exercises only with the permission of your attending obstetrician-gynecologist. Breasts are also subject to changes, and such as before it will not be, but to support the form – will help special exercises aimed at the muscles of the chest.

If you have stretch marks during pregnancy, then completely to get rid of them will only help correcting the laser, but to make them more pale and invisible – the use of creams and wraps. It is with the help of wraps, many women achieve excellent results.

Fighting excess weight after childbirth, if the child is on artificial feeding – you can start almost immediately! If the child is breastfeeding, it is necessary to know that with the mother’s milk, the baby receives all the necessary vitamins and nutrients and this must be taken into account when preparing nutrition. But the diet can be respected and necessary, in the first period of two to three months after childbirth, it will help to achieve good results in the fight against weight.

Often, women experience postpartum depression, which close relatives should help with, giving the young mother a break, and somewhere even helping with young children and around the house. In extreme cases, it is necessary to help psychologists, they will solve this problem.

Recovery after childbirth is not an easy thing and it takes a lot of effort, and most importantly, desires, but everything is possible and real!

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