Recommendations for those who decided to lose weight after 40 years

Recommendations for those who decided to lose weight after 40 years

You can always drop everything, even after forty years. Physical exercise and compliance with any diet remain the same: the same goals, the basics are the same. There are a lot of techniques with which you can get rid of excess body weight. Remember the following tips, and you will know what else you can do.

1. Use a pedometer

One of the most effective exercises is ordinary walking. Experts say that three thousand steps a day contribute to weight loss. Pedometer will be an excellent assistant in this matter. The use of this device is very simple, its functioning is based on the fixation of the movement of the lower limbs.

Now the market has a wide range of pedometer. Before you buy such a device, understand what is best for you. Do not have to choose the most inexpensive pedometers. With such devices, you need to be especially careful, since they can produce incorrect results. After buying the device, it needs to be properly configured, so to speak “fit” for yourself.

2. Add to the food you eat “fictional” calories

What could this mean? In the event that you set a clear limit on calories consumed, then for each meal you should add 10 fictional calories. For example, if you set a goal to consume no more than 1600 calories per day, then you need to decide how many calories your dinner, lunch and breakfast will contain. If the label says that a portion of the product contains 130 Cl, then to this value you need to add ten or fifteen fictional calories. Thanks to this psychological method, you will have the opportunity to stay within the planned calorie intake.

3. Plan the diet

For the whole day, as a rule, you have three meals – dinner, lunch and breakfast. If you want to quickly get rid of excess weight, then between these meals should be added 3-4 dishes. However, in this case, meals must necessarily be much more modest than before. Divide the morning meal by half, do the same thing with dinner and dinner. Eating small portions helps to avoid a strong feeling of hunger, which is very important for dieting.

4. Walk more

If you have the desire and the opportunity to do something useful for the body and heart, then do not hesitate. Walking is considered the best exercise for the heart muscle. A large number of people are sure that even half an hour of walking every day has a positive effect on the state of health. Specialists also managed to calculate that 30-45 minutes of walking every day contribute to the burning of 600 calories.

5. Get smaller clothes

The presence of a clearly defined goal is very useful in losing weight. If you buy pants for a couple of sizes smaller, then this thing will serve you as some kind of stimulus. And you need to buy a very good thing, in that case, and there will be more joy.

6. Have the strength and patience

There are many ways to lose weight. However, the most important points in this matter are determination and fair patience. If you succeed in achieving the intended goal, then immediately throw out all the old things from the wardrobe, as they will constantly remind you of the past. And the purchase of new things will serve you as a motivation for maintaining the achieved result.

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