Raja Yoga

Raja means royal or kingly. This type of meditation is
based on bringing the thoughts and emotions into equilibrium
Or so that your focus may be readily
Lord right.

Life force is typically a move down and up the
Back so that it becomes the emotions and balanced as
Well as the thoughts are content.

Knowledge is subsequently directed to move into a
point that’s found in the middle of one?s lower
Brow. This meditation point, which is, in addition, called
Third eye, or the ajna, is situated about 1 half inches
And goes and brain into the region of the
ajna, calmness looks to overtake your head.

Surely your head is active but it frees itself
from the pointless worries, ideas and mess of
Your head and state is apparently full of a velvety

As your awareness classes toward your third eye,
Pale colours that are distinct appear in your brow. There
Purples, blues, yellows and green that take their move
in your brow.

As your life force becomes more and more powerful
Focused you may believe you see lightning,
This entire procedure is becoming
lives in bless with the will wholly surrendered to

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