Psychological readiness for the birth of a child

Psychological readiness for the birth of a child

How much they talk about children, about their moods, their first steps, their first words. This can be heard in a tram, in a shop, on a bench in the park. Everyone says, but you still do not have these conversations. You just listen to what’s happening inside of you. Yesterday there were these two magic stripes and mystery, pleasant and surprising. Today came the realization of a new life as a great sacrament.

And now with a confident movement reminds of a fully formed child. Flesh from the flesh, heart from the heart. Love absorbs you completely. You are waiting for a miracle. Count the days and minutes before it appears. And then a moment comes when a confident cry breaks the silence of the delivery room. He was born and boldly enters this world. What awaits him in a restless and furious stream of Budin? But it will be later.

And now you see this little body, so dear and quivering, and tears of emotion and happiness are already completely taking possession of you. You forgot the pain and pain of childbirth, you do not feel how much your waist is hammering, how much it hurts from biting your lips, because you are MOTHER, and from now on you are responsible for the life of a newly born person. And then, when you first put a child to your chest, you will understand that this is the life of a woman, this is her destiny and destiny.

Raising a child is hard and not easy. Sleepless nights, impassable fatigue, a polyclinic, doctors, surveys are not a complete list that depresses young mothers. You need to understand, it’s little things, because your child is growing up before your eyes. Today he started to walk, and a little later he began to look lovingly at Mama’s eyes, hugging her breasts in a businesslike way. The time has come for the yet unsure first steps and the first words. Believe me, it’s worth living for this, Fatigue has vanished, and great satisfaction has come to replace it. You did it!

But this is only the beginning. There are still many roads ahead, along which you will have to pass, leading your kid by the hand. Not always these roads will be straight and smooth, it will not always be easy. But you are a mother, nature has given you the gift of maternal wisdom, you will find your way, the right and the only one. You need only patience. Do not get irritated over trifles, do not let emotions overwhelm joy. Live and breathe deeply.

And then day after day, year after year will pass in joy. And the day will come when a strong hand confidently and gently leads you through life, not tired, not being irritated by your old-time conclusions and results. Love and tenderness, invested by you in the child from the first minutes of birth, in a double stream will return to you, to illuminate your life with radiant reflections of the universe.

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