Pros and cons of an intelligent woman for men

Pros and cons of an intelligent woman for men

Such a concept as an intelligent woman can be perceived in different ways. Someone will imagine a doctor of science, someone know-it-all, but in this article there will be a conversation about a woman who knows her own worth and knows how to treat men properly.

A wise woman, knows how to combine all the best abilities, but this means that she is a real manipulator. Men often say to their halves: “Be a wise woman!” Therefore, especially for them, all the pros and cons of such a woman will be presented, and whether it is necessary, it’s up to you. Option a) – there will be pluses, and option b), respectively, minuses.

1. The world of a wise woman can not be believed only around men.

A) This woman knows her own worth, she probably has a good job, interesting hobbies, so she will not constantly call and try to limit your personal space. She will not only be a good listener, but also an interesting interlocutor. You do not have to report for each step, and if you have to, you will not even notice it.

B) She will never devote herself to everything, since she considers herself a person, and not a beautiful application. You can not manage it, because it will not allow it. She will always have her opinion on any account. She will not be afraid to lose you, will not be complaisant, because many men are important.

2. A wise woman especially appreciates her time.

A) She will not pretend to be intolerant, because she knows what she wants from life and who she needs. Such a woman may be the first to get acquainted. If the relationship begins to be protracted, which does not suit both, it will not cling to them. She will never communicate with losers, because she values ​​her time.

B) This woman can decide for herself when the moment comes to part, and when not. It turns out that she acts as a man, that is, it is a dominant, and since she chooses mostly brutal men, they are unlikely to like it.

3. A smart woman can and can control her emotions.

A) She will not start crazy scandals with the smashing of dishes. Unpleasant moments, she can calmly discuss with you, just sitting down and having a talk heart to heart. In the company of friends you can relax, as you will be sure that it will not disgrace you with loud objections.

B) And what kind of minus can there be, you ask. It’s very simple, you’ll never guess how it relates to something concrete in fact. She, of course, will not shout, stomp her feet, throw things in you that fall under the arm, she just gets up and leaves. Go back, she certainly will not, and you even do not understand when the turning point came.

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