Prevention: find the right pill

Prevention: find the right pill

Blue butterflies flutter on one package, roses on the other. The contraceptive market is a colorful world. But not all tablets can be taken because there are dangerous consequences for the health of taking hormones.

One can understand women who find it difficult to find something. Nevertheless, birth control pills today are excellent contraceptives. They have almost no competition even for women after 50 years. It is better to protect only sterilization. On the other hand, these are medications with side effects and warnings. Those who choose pills should know their risks and make the right choice among many drugs and in this article we will tell you how to choose birth control pills depending on your age and lifestyle.

How does the tablet work?

Not every woman is suitable for any method of contraception. Many tablets also have an increased risk of thrombosis. A certain negative role is played by obesity and smoking. In addition, some drugs may weaken the action of hormones.

The work of the pill is based on deceit. The tablet with the help of hormones of estrogen and progestin signals the body about pregnancy. The first pills were real hormonal bombs.

Help in choosing tablets

– For smokers

Smoking and pills – this combination presents a great danger, especially for the heart and blood circulation. Who smokes a lot, should carefully choose contraceptives. They should definitely be at a low risk of thrombosis. Smokers, as a rule, are recommended options without estrogen.

– For overweight women

It also increases the risk of thrombosis. Therefore, similar recommendations are used here, both for smokers. Some doctors still prescribe drugs of the 3rd and 4th generation, since they rarely lead to weight gain. This is unacceptable, since hormonal therapy in large doses is contra-indicated to women with excess weight.

– To whom for 35

Nonsmokers, healthy and slim women older than 35 years tablets are quite suitable as a method of contraception. Combination drugs are possible – both with a low risk of thrombosis, and without estrogen.

– To young women

Young healthy women tend to have a low risk of developing thrombosis, especially if they are not overweight. Therefore, most drugs are suitable for them, preferably with low doses.

– For the forgetful

For them, mini-tablets are unsuitable, because they must be drunk daily at the same time within three hours. These drugs require more discipline. The same can be said about those women who buy tablets, going on a trip.

– For nursing mothers

If a woman feeds the baby regularly every 4 hours, this can prevent ovulation. Of course, this is not a contraceptive method. Tablets without estrogen are much more effective. At the feeding stage, they can be taken without any problems.

The risk of thrombosis depends on estrogen

Tablets without estrogen, as a rule, do not increase the risk of thrombosis. But they can cause unexpected bleeding. When taking a combined pill, the risk of bleeding is reduced, but the risk of thrombosis may increase. All risks are written on the package. But the risk of thrombosis as a whole is very low. Pregnancy, for example, increases the risk of thrombosis by 10 times, and smoking – even more.

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