Prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins

In order for pregnancy to flow well and the baby’s health has always been normal, it is simply necessary to provide the body of a pregnant woman with all the necessary vitamins.

Vitamins for pregnant women are very important, because it is not a secret that a pregnant woman needs to eat for two. For this reason, she may have a “brutal” appetite. Thus, the body of a pregnant woman solves the problem of the lack of vitally important microelements and vitamins, which are needed not only by the pregnant woman herself, but also by her “puzozhitel.”

The necessary vitamins are best obtained from fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, but if the food is not balanced, then it is worth taking complex preparations that can be bought here

Vitamin A

This vitamin is simply necessary for the development of human organs and tissues, for growth and maintenance of its immunity. In addition to all this, vitamin A is very necessary for our bones, skin and eyes.

Vitamins of group B

Vitamins of this group take part in almost all metabolic processes of the body and biochemical cycles. But there are a couple of shortcomings that can affect not only the pregnant woman, but also her fetus: B vitamins can cause problems with the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

A large amount of vitamin B is found in whole grain bread, legumes, unpolished rice, buckwheat groats and fish.

Vitamins of group D

Pregnant women in the second trimester, doctors recommend paying more attention to the use of vitamin D. This vitamin is very important, because it takes part in the formation of the skeleton of the child. Vitamin D arises directly under the influence of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Therefore, more often walk on sunny days.

Vitamins of group C

Per day, a pregnant woman should take at least 100 mg of vitamin C. In Western countries, this dose is reduced, because they are confident that a large amount of vitamin C in the body of a pregnant woman leads to a decrease in its number in the fetus. In the case when vitamin C for the body is not enough, it weakens and this leads to certain violations accompanied by violations in the formation of the placenta.

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