Pregnant believe in miracles – heaven will help them

Pregnant believe in miracles - heaven will help them

Increasingly, future parents come to the conclusion that the conception of a child is accompanied by the right diet, weight and intensity of sexual acts. This is true, but only partially. Do not forget that ovulation plays the most important role. Otherwise, women would never lose their productive age.

By the way, you can find out what ovulation is in a detailed article by Roman Fadeeva.

Often there are features of sexual conception, when a woman can not become the mother of a child from one man, but at the same time becomes pregnant at the first sexual contact from another male. Modern productologists are sure that the unfortunate father in most cases is the culprit of unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant.

Unfortunately, their version can be considered only when the future couple was in intimate relations throughout their productive age. Therefore, there can be no true evidence and can not be.

Medicine knows cases when the couple did not have children more than 10-20 years, with the conception taking place, but it lasted during the early stage of pregnancy and parents could not even know about it.

There are other statistics. In 30% of cases a woman can get pregnant from her regular partner, but for some reason the coveted child is not born or the fetus can not live very long. After that, the couple is sure that they can get an infant again, but the desired does not happen. Future parents agree to believe in all kinds of fables, superstition, but for conception, it requires a different: the physical compatibility of partners and a healthy lifestyle.

Physical compatibility of partners is a sexual attraction, which is eventually accompanied by pregnancy. In this case, it is required that the partner’s ovulation coincide with the time of sexual intercourse.

The higher the fertility of a girl, the greater the probability of pregnancy. Fertility is determined by the date of contact with the partner, the way of life of the couple, the frequency of use of contraceptives.

In addition, doctors recommend a specific diet:

Minimum abuse of alcohol.

Maximum walks in the fresh air.

Harmonious relationships.

Future parents should not only represent their new life with the baby, but also believe in it!

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