Pregnancy planning

Pregnancy planning

Pregnancy and baby’s birth is a very important and responsible part of life. Therefore, it is simply necessary that the pregnancy is planned and you are fully prepared for the birth of the baby. Preparing for pregnancy is a fairly long process, which should begin about two months before conception itself.

At this stage, you can not do without the help of a doctor. It is necessary to go to a gynecologist to identify possible diseases and cure them in time. The doctor will also be able to say how much the parents’ organisms are ready to conceive a child. In addition, it is advisable to pay a visit to the therapist so that he can determine the need for vaccinations, because a number of diseases that can be saved with vaccines can be dangerous for the fetus. It is also worth to appear at the reception and LOR, a dentist, a specialist in allergic diseases. Having warned you of a disease in advance, then you will not have to fight it.

Parents need to understand that only healthy parents can conceive and tolerate a healthy baby. Take care of your health you need long before conception. Absence of bad habits, good physical condition, compliance with the rules of hygiene and self-care will help to pass the pregnancy and conception phase normally. Therefore, the implementation of these rules is very important, it is long even about the idea of ​​conceiving a child.

Also, you should prepare for the first years of your baby’s life. To him in advance it is necessary to provide everything necessary: ​​clothes, hygiene means, toys, stroller

Particular attention should be given to the medications that a woman takes during pregnancy. A significant number of commonly used medications during pregnancy are contraindicated. During pregnancy, it is worth spending a lot of time outdoors, limiting the impact on the future mother of negative environmental and emotional factors

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