Pregnancy: paper tests

Pregnancy: paper tests

Pregnancy is a funny thing, not only because of the sensations, because apart from the fact that you need to find a common language with a new person, you still need to go through all the circles of our bureaucratic hell: register in a women’s consultation, write a bunch of applications, hand over a sea of ​​tests and carry them all the time Photocopies of documents. How to cope with a pregnant woman with paper bureaucracy?

The simplest thing is to get daddy A4 and immediately put there a file with at least five photocopies of the passport, a compulsory insurance policy, the originals should always be carried with them. And if you decide to rely not only on free medicine, it is better to immediately make several copies of the test results, because the women’s consultation will necessarily take a copy and it’s better to let it not be the last one.

Well, of course, when registering, you should understand that now, each time you step over the threshold of this building, you will lose enough time to wait in line, as pregnant women are assigned a specific day, and if the record is already all busy, you still have to come and Plunge into the “living queue,” and it’s better to do it slowly and with a book in hand.

Also, do not forget that most employees of government agencies working as if on a conveyor belt do not really get to their patients, but they are afraid of responsibility, so do not be afraid if you find a predisposition to diseases with very strange names or a phrase in the screening “Minimal risk” will lead to a panic. Just take it as a fact: it is more important for them to be safe than to keep the peace of their future mother.

Some tests (urine and feces analysis), do not necessarily carry it to the laboratory, you can ask your husband to run in before work and leave your jars with tests.

Not wanting them, they will save you a lot of money, and nerves … they should worry about themselves. Despite the sea of ​​shortcomings, do not forget that it is the women’s consultation that writes out sickness sheets and opens the doors to the country of the decree. So let’s not judge strictly, because we only have to cook there for nine months, and the fellow doctors have this ball-masquerade right up to the pension itself. Of course, it is impossible to drive all the doctors under one comb, among them of course there are those who love their work, sincerely rejoice at the successes of their patients and do not even intend to intimidate, but rather support. So let’s wish them good luck and patience, because thanks to them, our angels are born!

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