Pregnancy is not a disease

For every woman, the onset of pregnancy is an important event. The birth of a new life helps blossom and acquire a unique charm. During this period there are changes in the body that maintain a tone and a sense of motherhood. Feelings of anxiety, anxiety, irritation are experienced by almost every woman during the carrying of the baby. But this is especially acute during the first pregnancy.
How can you cope with this? To avoid unnecessary excitement, the expectant mother needs to know some things.
First: pregnancy is not a disease. It’s a miracle that a woman feels. Even if it is difficult at the beginning, it must be remembered that all this is temporary. Positive emotions help not to get stuck in this state. Kids on the street, beautiful people, nice music – all this will fill with good, positive emotions. Watching kind children’s films, family comedies, melodramas can also help to cheer up. Going to the theater, museum or circus distracts from unpleasant emotions, helping to avoid irritation and resentment. Of course, during this period, feelings are exacerbated, and an irresistible desire arises that you would be pitied. But pity makes you weak. During this period it is necessary to be strong.
All that a woman feels, a child feels. Therefore, it is so important that during pregnancy the future mother should experience less negative emotions and unfounded unrest. If cosmetic repairs help to improve the mood, it must be boldly begun. Walking in the park is calming and is a good antidepressant.
It is impossible to completely save the future mother from unrest, but they can be reduced and needed. And it can be done not only by herself, but also by her close ones. In any case, pregnancy not only does not make a woman weak, but on the contrary: gives strength to protect her unborn child.
P.S. There are cases when prescribe dyufaston during pregnancy. It replaces progesterone missing your body.

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