Pregnancy: a burden or joy?

Pregnancy: a burden or joy?

Hormonal changes in the body, a sharp change in mood, increased, sometimes unjustified anxiety, fatigue, drowsiness – all these are signs of pregnancy. We “wind up” ourselves with stupid thoughts, we experience, we spoil ourselves and those around us, not understanding that this is just a psychological problem that can be got rid of.

In fact, pregnancy is an extraordinary time. Inside you grows a small miracle, colors and smells of the world, are felt by a special, swarm of thoughts spinning in your head: diapers, ryazhonki, diapers, cot, stroller …. What to choose, what will suit, but will I be a good mother, but can I manage it? Stop, stop, stop.

Behind a train of thoughts, we lose precious moments of pleasure. Let’s spend this magical period with a special feeling of happiness.

Kids, love music very much. Accustom your miracle to beautiful classical music. Turn it not loud, you can lie down comfortably, or even slightly waltz, let it listen and enjoy. By his behavior, you will understand how much he likes it.

Buy yourself a paint, you can have a simple watercolor, take a blank sheet of paper and paint an orange world. It does not matter if you can draw, just draw lines, orange. This is the color of joy and hope, let the emotions that it will evoke in you are transmitted to your baby.

What was your favorite game as a child? Not very mobile, but causing a lot of positive emotions? Play it, the kid will be interesting and pleasant, he “will be saturated” with a lot of positive emotions.

Be more in the open air. The kid will be grateful to you, the air is very useful for children, even so tiny and living near the mother in the tummy.

See kind children’s cartoons or children’s fairy tales. Call yourself more positive thoughts. Get rid of sad thoughts. Your positive attitude is a guarantee that everything will be as good as possible.

Excitement is normal, but it should be pleasant. Thoughts materialize, and good thoughts turn into dreams, and dreams have a special feature to be fulfilled.

And yet, buy a soft toy, sleep with it, fill it with your love and warmth, when the baby is born, she will be his amulet, because it will smell from her mother.

Very soon, you will become the best mom in the world – this is the most important thing, the rest does not matter!

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