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Varicose veins are a very unpleasant and serious disease. Your legs become heavy, veins come out, ugly vascular formations appear, etc. The longer you do not pay attention to it, the worse will be the condition of your legs, many even lose the ability to move normally.

According to statistics, 50 percent of women suffer from varicose veins and only 20 percent of men. Women are more prone to this disease, because they wear high heels, tight pantyhose and trousers, weights are not for their intended purpose, etc.

To determine the degree of your foot swelling, you need to hold a simple tes.

In the morning measure the circumference of the narrow leg and wide.

Do the same in the evening after work day.

If the difference is more than 1 centimeter, then it is necessary to sound an alarm.

Not only the legs, but the whole organism can suffer not only because the circulatory system is involved. Thrombosis, ulcers, thrombophlebitis can develop. In addition, the condition will worsen not only in the legs, but in the entire body, in particular, it will affect blood and bone tissue. Violated blood circulation, which can develop unpleasant dermatitis of feet and eczema, sometimes of a chronic nature.

Varicose veins often appear during pregnancy, but not always the problem goes away after childbirth. Unpleasant vascular sprouts may also appear, they are much more easily tolerated than varicose veins, but they can also give chronic directions. The capillaries of the legs become weak, the skin is thin, so the unpleasant stars on the surface of the skin of the legs show through. It can be hereditary factors, heavy loads on the musculoskeletal system, including pregnancy.

If you notice varicose veins or its prerequisites, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If you have a hereditary predisposition or you notice unpleasant symptoms in your legs, it is worthwhile to take preventive measures to prevent the development of the disease. Wear special pulling tights that are sold in pharmacies, watch your body weight, do not tolerate obesity, lead an active lifestyle, drink vitamins that will help strengthen the vessels, one of these is the cheap but effective Ascorutine.

Take care of your legs, take care of the health of the veins, do not allow the development of unpleasant varicose veins, then no problems will be terrible for you.

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