Panic attacks: Is a psychotherapist needed?

Panic attacks: Is a psychotherapist needed?

To date, doctors in our country, psychotherapists, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders, are afraid to be afraid. After all, an appeal to a good psychologist or psychotherapist, even after consultation, is perceived by most citizens as a hint of possible madness. As a result, those suffering from panic attacks prefer not to advertise their problem, enthusiastically experiencing the available novelties of pharmacology or recipes from “real” healers. The result is obvious – the disease goes to the stage when expensive and long-term clinical treatment is required.

Sudden “hot flashes”, palpitations, shaking (tremors) of limbs, causeless weakness and night sweats – all these symptoms can indicate not only problems with the heart and the endocrine system, but also point to disagreements with the nervous system or psychological distress.

And if the therapist, cardiologist and endocrinologist just get their hands up in response to complaints about strange changes in health, it is necessary to seek the advice of a psychologist or psychotherapist. Timely appeal to specialists of this profile in the psychological center will allow not only to assess the state of health as accurately as possible, but also, if symptoms of psychosomatic character are revealed, correctly prevent deterioration and prescribe the right therapy.

The causes of panic attacks

To cause, it would seem, an absolutely causeless state of fear can:

• chronic stress caused by excessive mental and emotional stress;

• increased anxiety associated with unrest for the condition of family members, relatives, their social status;

• intoxication of the body due to uncontrolled intake of tonic, alcohol or nicotine;

• hypodynamia, developed against a background of low physical activity, or problems with sleep.

For the most accurate diagnosis, not only all possible causes of panic attacks are taken into account, but deeper “roots” of phobias are also being considered. For the onset of a nervous breakdown, there are sometimes enough circumstances that reproduce a long-forgotten emotional experience or a psychotrauma. From the extent to which the evaluation of the psychological background and possible reasons for the inadequate response of the organism to stressful situations will be carried out correctly, the identification of the disorder and the selection of an individual complex of treatment or psychoanalysis depend.

Principle of treatment of panic disorders

Panic attacks, like any of the psychosomatic disorders, are not amenable to drug treatment. Tablets can only remove the current attack or temporarily suppress symptoms. However, the only guarantee of a complete escape from the outbursts of horror or panic is the identification, study and elimination of psychological causes that cause an inadequate response of the organism in certain life situations. Such an opportunity is provided by psychoanalytic therapy or psychoanalysis.

Currently, the main type of treatment for panic attacks is a combined method, when simultaneously with the appointment of an individual complex of medicinal preparations necessary for stabilizing the hormonal background and the nervous system, psychological help is provided. An obligatory condition is the passage of a course of psychotherapy, the duration of which is set individually, depending on the complexity or neglect of each case and the characteristics of a person’s character. An important factor that influences the success of the healing process is the willingness to acknowledge your illness and make every effort to fight it.

Medications are complementary to psychotherapy and, in general, are used to normalize the work of the body. As a rule, several types of various medicines are used for treatment. In parallel with the drugs of the group of beta-blockers who stop panic attacks, calming and excitatory tranquilizers, as well as long-acting antidepressants, can be prescribed. To pick up the right kind of medicines and their dosage, and also to correct a course of reception the expert can only.

Independently get rid of panic attacks is not possible. Do not forget the reluctance to recognize the existing problem and the fascination with a variety of “pills” usually leads to serious illnesses and addictions. In “games” with the psyche, if an experienced psychotherapist or a good psychologist who is sick does not participate in them, under no circumstances will he be the winner.

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