Pain with menstruation. Doctors’ advice

Pain with menstruation. Doctors' advice

Now you have been going on for a long time already, so if you suffer from PMS, you probably already learned how to deal with it somehow. I was told about a thousand ways: some swallow pain killers, others go to bed, do exercises or bravely suffer in silence. Health authorities are arguing about the best ways to cope with discomfort with menstruation, because these methods are as many as we have feelings. Here are a few recommendations from doctors.

1. Dr. Morrison, nutrition specialist

To facilitate PMS, take evening primrose oil or borage in combination with fish oil at a dose of 1000 mg each daily.

2. Christina Northrup, gynecologist and author of the book “The Female Body, Female Wisdom”

Eat ice cream, curd cheese and yogurt; Many women on a milk diet feel relief from menstrual symptoms. In addition, she recommends taking omega-3 fatty acids (which are contained in fish oil), 1000 mg of vitamin B6, and magnesium supplements to relieve spasms.

3. Sandra Chiu, a specialist in Chinese medicine

Avoid everything cold. Chinese medicine treats menstrual cramps as a congestion of the cold in the abdominal cavity, and it is believed that cooling disturbs the flow of blood and qi (body energy).

Sandra advises to refrain from cold food like ice cream, ice-cream drinks and raw vegetables; Swimming in cold water; Demonstration of the abdomen in cold weather (for example, wearing short tops and things with a low waistline). In addition, she recommends applying heat (heated herbs and acupuncture) to restore the balance of cold and heat in the body.

4. Melissa, the doctor-spasmologist

My personal method of dealing with menstrual pain is simple: on the first day, when the spasms are the strongest, I take a couple of painkillers (I recommend doing this before the spasms begin) and curl up in bed with a hot-water bottle in the pelvic area. In the past, I succumbed to spasms and coped with them with deep breathing as much as was required. Now I found out that after an hour of warming up, I feel better if I dress and go about my business.

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