According to statistics, every sixth woman of menopausal age and every eighth man over the age of fifty is facing such a disease as osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition of decreased density of bone tissue. Over the years, osteoporosis can be asymptomatic, 1 and then manifest as frequent fractures, deformities of the spine, and frequent pain in the joints. The fracture of the femoral neck in elderly people is especially dangerous. Prolonged bed rest in elderly patients with fractures of the femoral neck leads to a catastrophic deterioration in health and in most cases results in death within a few months from complications caused by involuntary bed rest (heart failure, pneumonia, thromboembolism).

The best way to combat osteoporosis is its prevention2. Usually, this means a whole range of measures that will be more effective the sooner you start to take them.

Prevention of osteoporosis

1. A healthy lifestyle. The earlier you give up harmful habits, the more resources your body will have for the onset of the elderly. Smoking and alcohol directly affect the body’s absorption of nutrients, including calcium, so necessary to maintain the strength of bones. By the way, excessive infatuation of coffee leads to leaching of calcium stores from bone tissue.

2. Balanced nutrition. Prevention of osteoporosis on the basis of a diet, first of all, consists in the consumption of foods rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, responsible for the formation of bones, as well as vitamin D. Moreover, in the ideal case, the accumulation of nutrients should occur during the period of active growth of the body3. Your diet should necessarily contain sour-milk products, eggs, fresh greens, liver, cereals and sea fish. But salt is better to eat less – it helps wash away calcium from bones. Lack of fat can lead to poor absorption of calcium, therefore, girls who are on strict diets, risk becoming elderly with osteoporosis.

3. Sports. Begin to play sports, even when you have the first signs of osteoporosis, it’s never too late. Movement and exercise are needed precisely for the prevention of the disease, since muscle inaction contributes to the demineralization of bones4. You do not need to seriously engage in sports – just any regular physical activity: regular exercises, dancing, cycling, long walks, fitness.

4. Sun baths – an essential component of the prevention of osteoporosis, as they contribute to the production of vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of calcium. If you live in an area where there is a lack of sunlight, try to travel to the solar regions at least once a year or sunbathe under ultraviolet quartz lamps.

5. Medicinal preparations. The main drugs for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis5 are complexes containing easily digestible calcium salts, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Recently, biophosphonates are often prescribed – drugs that inhibit the activity of osteoclasts that destroy bone tissue. Massive loss of bone tissue occurs in women in the first 3-5 years of onset of menopause. Therefore, at the moment there is no doubt that there is a connection between a decrease in the level of sex hormones (primarily estrogens) and the development of osteoporosis in women. To prevent this dangerous condition, hormone therapy is recommended under the supervision of a professional gynecologist. A professional gynecologist will help you to understand the problem and find a reliable hormone drug. 

6. Medical control. Women over 40 years are advised to undergo densitometry once a year – examination for bone density7. Having identified the disease at an early stage, you can prevent its development and stay in good shape for many years.

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