The Origins of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga that most folks understand as just, “yoga.”

Understood for peacefulness and calmness, Yogi Swatmarama is a name that’s now become interchangeable with joy, one who paved the way for an exercise that improves body, the head and spirit. He started with Hatha Yoga by composing the words of older Sanskrit texts along with the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. It details information about shakti, bandhas, kriyas, asanas, pranayama, and several other places.

Hatha Yoga itself, along with the novel, is abundant with traces of Hinduism. Possibly the earliest religion on earth, Hinduism is a faith based on recognition, assembling its base on various scriptures and text. It plans to educate mystical truths to individuals, while providing guidance on how an individual can grow to become spiritually, and physically entire. Hinduism also considers the “Heaven on Earth” theory, noting it’s not impossible to attain redemption while living rather than just in passing.

Part of this redemption is attained through equilibrium. Once this happens, a state of a still head and calmed idea occurs while consciousness stays. This is called Samadhi and it’s referred to as a said of ecstasy.

Hatha Yoga is dependant on physical exercise, ethical disciplines and holistic principles.

A variety of breathing techniques, presents help to drive the man doing Hatha Yoga to a path of enlightenment, and meditations. Among some of the most proficient poses are Bhujangasana, also called the Cobra; the Eka Pada, also called the one-legged king; the Halasana, also called the Plow; the Padmasana, also called the Lotus; and the Simhasana, also called the Lion.

Hatha Yoga, like the word “ yoga substantially uses the unity within each individual in addition to the notion of unity, the unity between man and nature: without unity between the body and the head, it’s difficult to accomplish anything. Determined by the person, Hatha Yoga may be used to unite individuals with different matters. For others, Hatha Yoga may be used to combine them with an essential healing from a strain within their life. For others, Hatha Yoga may be used only as a means to unite them with themselves.

Hatha Yoga, having been around for centuries, is rooted in principles which will never change, yet as times are constantly transforming these early principles applied and can be developed to the 21st Century. The origins of yoga educate individuals to get what everyone seeks: psychological well-being and physical, a clear mental state-of-head, and a life driven not by stresses, but only by happiness.

Writhed incorporates mindfulness practices and osteopathic medicine, hatha yoga to educate optimum balance between mental, physical, and psychological well-being. It plans to teach and help individuals to live a life that is healthy from the inside out. Rehabilitation programs offer a treatment plan that is comprehensive for the entire being, empowering each individual one breath at a time to spark the body’s natural healing potential.

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