Once you’ve determined to practice yoga for spiritual well-being and better living

You should take care of the subsequent points so as to prevent harms to your physical self:

? Physical state of the person: generally, it is suggested that individuals with regular health do yoga practice. But if you are using yoga to treat it and are experiencing some physical difficulties, since performing yoga practices without appropriate precautions can result in dangerous effects on the body you must follow specific precautions.

? Appropriate guidance: it’s important that you get the appropriate teacher to teach the yoga techniques to you.

? Yet it is necessary to notice that specific yoga techniques shouldn’t be followed under specific conditions. Girls, who are menstruating or pregnant, should avoid the poses which lay a great strain on the abdomen. No yogic technique should be practiced by kids below eight years but yogic breathing should be introduced just after twelve years. Quite old and young should avoid the poses with the extreme turns. After a particular age, avoid strenuous practice but you can practice dhyana, pranayam and straightforward poses.

? Location and surroundings: The spot for yoga should be nicely shielded from, insects, rodents and animals. The environment should be quiet if you select the outside. But avoid the outside when it is wet, chilly or very hot.
The earth selected should be level and simple.

? Time: Morning is the perfect time for training since it includes regularity, since the body is warmed up but evening time may also be selected. Your belly should totally empty.

? Diet: Take nutritious and straightforward diet. Don’t overeat. Keep spices and chillies to the minimum. It is unimportant to be vegetarians but don’t eat more than your body?s demands.

? Time: it’s advisable to be routine but if for some reason like lots of work in illness or office or any other reason you should bypass a day or two, it’s good. But once the motive is over, return to your first routine. Avoid taking regular and long gaps.

? Clothes: Select light and loose fitting clothing.







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