Nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is the guarantee of normal development and the formation of the future child’s body. Remember your child is what you eat. All your “building materials” your kid receives from you. With malnutrition during pregnancy, miscarriages, premature births, births with various intrauterine defects, etc., are much more frequent. At the same time, the well-known opinion that the future mother needs “to eat for two” can not be considered correct.

Excessive nutrition during pregnancy, especially the consumption of large amounts of carbohydrates, leads to an excessive increase in body weight, and in some cases, the development of obesity in the mother and the birth of an excessively large child, which can cause complications in childbirth.

What can not be pregnant?

It is undesirable (ie sometimes in small amounts it is possible)





Chocolate (this was the most difficult during my pregnancy


Natural coffe



Forget about this until the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding!

Spicy sauces




Coca Cola

Remember: proper nutrition during pregnancy should not be plentiful, but full and varied, corresponding to the physiological needs of the mother and future baby. Allow yourself the very best!

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