Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The most important place in a normal pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby is the proper nutrition of his mother during the entire period of gestation. The child receives everything from her blood, so only the mother depends on the full development of the fetus at all stages.

It is necessary to use all the groups of products necessary for the body – meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals and sour-milk products, which give nutrients to the body of a woman.

Mom and baby are harmful to sweet pastries and sodas, spicy dishes, convenience foods, pickles, margarine, strong coffee and plenty of tea.

In the diet should be present only quality fresh products. The most part in the daily diet should be a variety of cereals, which not only give a long feeling of satiety, but also contribute to the normal operation of the zhkt. Dishes should be used only freshly prepared, so you can get the most out of them.

The most important meals are breakfast and lunch, which are energized for the whole day. For breakfast, about 30% of the total daily ration, for lunch – 20%. Take food often (up to 5 times a day), and in the intervals you can eat any fruit.

The most important period of pregnancy lasts until 14 weeks, and it is important to observe proper nutrition as never before. Of course, it is desirable in this period to consume a lot of fruits (apples and peaches), less semi-finished products, fast food, sweets, smoked foods and fatty foods.

Before 12 weeks, the most valuable substance is folic acid, which is absorbed from such products as carrots, legumes, leafy vegetables, bananas, and also taking special vitamins. For all pregnant women need calcium, which is important in the formation of the skeleton of the baby and the preservation of the health of the mother. No less important are manganese and zinc, they can be obtained from eggs and nuts.

From 6 to 10 weeks, you need to reduce the amount of sugar and macaroni, so as not to gain unnecessary unnecessary weight. From 11 weeks pregnant woman can feel craving for a certain product – this is normal and do not limit yourself in a fit to eat something here and now.

From the 13th week, an important role is played by dairy products, the nutrients of which affect the developing heart of the baby, as well as its almost formed skeleton.

Since the 17th week, it is necessary to get the norm of vitamin A, from 28 weeks – iron and fatty acids.

From 35 weeks, you can begin to prepare the body for childbirth and future breastfeeding. It is necessary to switch to stewed, boiled and baked food as much as possible. It should consist mainly of vegetables.

In the last weeks, the ration of the future mother and nursing mother should subsequently include cereals, pasta, meat, eggs, bread, butter, fish, cheese and cottage cheese. This will reduce the burden on the zhkt from a greatly increased uterus and saturate the milk with the necessary nutrients.

If you have dense blood, then you should read about the liquefaction of blood by folk remedies.

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