New wardrobe for the future mother

New wardrobe for the future mother

Pregnancy is clearly not an excuse to forget about your appearance and stop watching yourself. On the contrary, in her new and beautiful position, every woman feels charming and attractive. Therefore, the view that during pregnancy you can give up on yourself, has long been outdated.

Of course, clothing plays a special role in creating your new image. Most women are not prone to active shopping during pregnancy, because they fear that after delivery, all purchased items will become unusable and unnecessary. However, giving preference to the old wardrobe, you doom yourself to constant discomfort – because your body is constantly changing and requires a new cut of clothes. Some things you can quite wear and after pregnancy, for example, tunics, jumpers.

First of all pay attention to your shoes. Even if you do not imagine your life without heels, the next 9 months about the model shoes will have to be forgotten. Now your foot will be cozy and comfortable in comfortable and natural shoes without high heels.

The choice of clothes for pregnant women today is extremely large. Choosing a new wardrobe in the Bright Center, pay attention to the composition of the product, now you better choose your choice of natural and light fabrics. If it comes to cold weather, pick up your comfortable overalls, trousers with adjustable elastic band, warm spacious sweaters. For a hot summer, light sarafans and tunics of flared cut are very suitable.

Revise your arsenal of underwear. Pregnancy is not the time for strings, lace and all sorts of ropes. Get yourself comfortable panties or shorts made of natural fabrics. After giving birth, your breasts can increase, so you can buy a bodice for a larger size, there are also special bras for moms breastfeeding, they are very comfortable.

Replenishing your wardrobe with a new thing, remember the main rule – during pregnancy your clothes should not squeeze the stomach, hips, chest. Close clothing significantly slows blood circulation, and this, in turn, can lead to oxygen starvation of the fetus.

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