Myths about influential and successful women

Myths about influential and successful women

When we hear the phrase “successful and influential woman”, we immediately have a certain image. Many have formed some stereotypes about such women, who, in most cases, are completely different from what is in reality.

The myth that all powerful women are despotic and overly strict is, in most cases, just a myth. Of course, if you meet with an influential lady in an official setting, you might think that she is a real tyrant in a skirt. But it is worth paying attention to her in an informal atmosphere, as her anger is replaced by a mercy that attracts and fascinates. Why is this happening? Agree that an influential lady can have many subordinates in her labor sphere, and if she behaves too good-naturedly and loyally, she will create a reputation that will not be profitable for her. Therefore, her strictness in the performance of her work duties does not mean that she is also despotic in nature.

Many believe that all successful and powerful women are left without happiness in their personal lives. Know – this is far from the case. Do not forget that those who have achieved something meaningful will have rather big demands on potential partners. Yes, and not everyone approaches such a lady, as, maybe, she will be decidedly rejected by such a chic woman. Sometimes, influential women suffer from a lack of personal time, but this is usually the beginning of their career growth, because it can be difficult to cope with new responsibilities. But, despite all this, most successful women manage not only at work, but also in their personal lives.

Some believe that it is possible to achieve heights in the material sphere only thanks to “special” kinship ties and the sexual satisfaction of those who themselves have any serious influence and power. But, if you thoroughly understand the biographies of many women politicians and businesswomen, you can find out that they achieved everything themselves, and without anyone’s help.

The opinion that all influential ladies are scandalous “fight-women” who go ahead for their own interests. But, if you take a good look at popular influential and successful women, you are unlikely to find such traits. On the contrary, most of these male representatives are rather reserved and modest.

Another popular myth is the myth that successful women can not be good mothers. In fact, everything here depends on the nature of the person, and not on what place in society he takes. If a woman loves her child and realizes all her responsibility to him, she will be an excellent mother for him, even as president of the country, and if a woman does not see value in her child, she will not be able to give him at least the basis of education, even as a housewife.

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