Moxa Warming with Neuroses, Depression and Insomnia

Insomnia, nervous and depressive states are often associated with constant stress, emotional and mental stress, anxiety. And changes in mood, mental disorder and sleep disorder occur due to hormonal failure and exhaustion of the endocrine system.

Ancient Eastern healers and healers associated the problems of neuroses, depressions and insomnia with excessive slagging of the body and a toxic load on the nervous system, the brain and other organs.

Therefore, it was believed that when the overload is removed from immunity, the body gradually and independently returns to normal, physiological processes and psychological state improve. Purification and disposal of the body was carried out with the help of a moxa warming procedure.

Moksoterapiya is carried out and for today in clinics of east medicine. The procedure is a non-contact heating with special cigars (moxa) made of wormwood. This ancient Eastern method of therapy consists in the thermal effect of smoldering moxa on the site of biologically active points of the body. The procedure for warming up with a cigar normalizes the functionality of organs and systems, which activates the body’s recovery and acts as a preventative against diseases.

The results of heating the moxa are:

Improvement of immunity;

Relaxation of the body;

Increased body tone;

Calming the nervous system;

Increase of efficiency;

Stimulation of the body’s internal strength;

Restoration of energy circulation.

After a course of moxotherapy, irritability passes, states of moral depression, fatigue, depression, life again becomes bright and calm. In this case, the procedure for warming wormwood cigars is painless and has no age restrictions. The effect of the procedure is palpable after 2-3 procedures.

The Moxa warming session is held at the Moscow International Medical Center for Traditional and Oriental Medicine – Sinai. This clinic practices the application of the eastern method of moxotherapy for various diseases. The procedure is carried out by a neurologist and reflexotherapist Pogodin Gennady Olegovich – a specialist in traditional oriental medicine with 20 years of medical practice. Consultation is carried out for examination and detection of contraindications, after which the necessary number of moxotherapy procedures is prescribed.

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