Motivation for losing weight

Motivation for losing weight

Every woman wants to lose weight a little, especially on the eve of the holiday or the long-awaited summer. And almost at the last minute, an intensive search for diets begins, which, if you believe in advertising, are almost from the first minute. But is it? Or just a veil rolls over your eyes, and the mind turns off indefinitely?

And here it begins. On the advice of the ladies from cheap magazines, or from the words that know all the girlfriends, you absorb only the sunflower seeds and the orange for the whole day, while plowing, as before – for 12 hours a day. Crazy appetite every day more and more turns you into a mad dog. The fragrance of fried potatoes, you, like a hunting dog, catch even from the next house in the middle of the night. And, it would seem, to sustain such an attack of reflexes is unthinkable. You begin to feel like an animal in a zoo, which everyone tries to tease with some yummy.

There comes a time when you want to throw everything – the sea, shorts, dress, just to enjoy the dessert. This is a bad decision, and all by the fact that a small trifle is not taken into account – motivation.

You need to pull yourself together and start with what you had to do on the first day when you thought of losing weight. Call it – a diary of food, it may seem to somebody it’s trite, but why fantasize if everything you need is almost there and without unnecessary problems. It will be your first element of motivation to lose weight.

The diary should fit easily in a women’s handbag, and always be at hand. This is almost a desk book, and if more precisely, then the table. In it you have to write down everything that you sent into your mouth.

Do not turn it into a portable menu, be sure to write down the reason why you ate an apple or a cheburek in the morning. Soon you will want to analyze your records, and then do not forget to determine what prompted you to choose this particular dish.

If you wrote honestly your desires for choosing food, then you can easily identify the main motives that prompted you to build up a second chin. Hence the conclusion – when choosing food, one stimulus is needed – a feeling of hunger. Just this record should appear on the pages of your diary, and remain the only reason for stuffing your stomach.

Another important motivational moment is your beauty. Well, maybe not quite yours, maybe not quite the beauty … Let’s call it – photo. You should, like in a fairy tale, choose your own image, to which you aspire. For example, you are at sea in your favorite swimsuit, about 5 years ago. Or your favorite actress, or even a slender neighbor who has settled near you and does not give rest to her tight body in a tight skirt.

This strange stimulus can be hung on the refrigerator, in the most prominent place, that would always have the opportunity to take a closer look when you want to pamper yourself again with a cutlet.

And you will need a pen and a leaf, the size depends on your “do not want”, and dare. Write down all those problems that have arisen because of your excess weight. Start with how you try to get into your favorite jeans, or try to pull yourself up when a nice guy appears on the horizon. Turn your leaflet into an airplane or a boat and let go of free swimming.

Tune in to a new life. Imagine how you walk with a light walk, men stare at you, and passers-by look enviously. Think about the smallest details, and within you a giant stimulus to achieve results will awake.

Live in a new image of a chic woman, as if you already have an aspen waist and a flat stomach. Wear a mask of pleasure often and this will speed up the positive result.

Do not set unrealistic goals. Get like-minded people. You can enroll in a swimming pool, or get accustomed to belly dancing. Joint activities will help support your motivation, even if you suddenly want to get off the track.

Forward to beauty!

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