Morning mood and affirmations for a pregnant woman

Emotions of a pregnant woman can not be controlled. Sometimes they want to cry: because of fear, anxiety before childbirth, or because of self-doubt. After all, all the emotions experienced by the mother are passed on to the baby.

Of course, you can cry a little, quite a bit. Shed a couple of teardrops for your own pleasure, and, together with tears, wash away the surging wave of sadness. But this is not the only way out of this situation. Someone will get relief from tears, and someone can get carried away by this process. Such crying will only exacerbate the problem and further exacerbate the stressful state.

I suggest using the morning time to create a good mood for the whole day. Morning mood will help a pregnant woman to calmly, joyfully and qualitatively spend every minute in anticipation of her baby.

The power of thought, like the power of a word, has a profound effect on our feelings and actions. The time when the body is in a state of half-sleep, i.e. On the verge of sleep and awakening, is best used to create emotional balance for the whole day. Starting the morning with the pronouncing of positive attitudes (affirmations) that give us confidence in our abilities, we are able to take control of negative thoughts from time to time penetrating into our consciousness.

– I meet a new day with joy and love.

– My life is filled with peace and harmony.

– I am sure of myself and my strength.

– Every new day brings a happy meeting with my baby.

– I can give birth to a healthy beautiful child.

– I have easy births.

– I am friendly to all people and they respond to me the same.

– In my family there is harmony and prosperity.

– I love life and it responds to me in kind.

Such a mood can be addressed not only in the morning, but also in the evening before going to bed.

“I’m completely relaxed.”

“I have a calm, steady breathing.”

– I remember with gratitude the day I lived.

– I look forward to meeting my baby with joy and love.

– I fall asleep with a calm soul.

On the example of these phrases you can make your own morning and evening mood.

During my pregnancy in the event of an alarm, I trusted my experiences with my husband or described them on paper. This is another wonderful method to throw off the accumulated emotions.

Frequent walks in the open air in the company of a loved one, soothing music, a favorite pastime from which you get joy and pleasure, will help keep the peace of mind throughout the waiting period for the birth of the child.

The main thing is not to be influenced by negative emotions, but to find an effective method of control over them.

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