Mild Pregnancy

Mild Pregnancy

Every woman, having first heard the joyful news about pregnancy, begins to think about the upcoming stages that await her in the next 9 months. The desire to easily endure and give birth to a healthy child necessarily accompanies it throughout the period of pregnancy. But, to the great chagrin, every such woman has a lot of acquaintances who will gladly share their knowledge about how this is hard and bad, even if they themselves did not pass through it.

After such “colorful stories”, of course, there are feelings of excitement, fear, anxiety. As a result, this leads to the fact that a woman instead of enjoying her condition, the entire pregnancy, up to the birth, is in anticipation of something bad.

I want to share my own experience and give some advice on how to avoid all this and, having passed through this, since I, too, want to feel it all as soon as possible again.

Everyone knows about the need for a healthy diet. In my daily diet there were fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dairy products. Thanks to this, I did not know what the hemorrhoids are, which many pregnant women face. From what you need to cut – it’s flour products, they will not bring good. And from what you need to exclude completely – it’s alcohol. I’m against any alcohol that some advise for pregnant women (a glass of red wine, beer). Nothing useful with alcohol in supermarkets is not for sale, it will only harm the growing small body.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is a positive attitude. No bad thoughts and stories. Do not meet negative people and do not listen to bad stories. It is necessary to be every day only in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, and for this you need to try to keep everything secret as much as possible and to experience this state yourself when a new life arises in you. This will help at least for some time to avoid annoying “well-wishers”. When it is already concealed, there will be no possibility to limit your communication with such individuals as much as possible. At first I listened to everything, and then I realized that I did not want this and began to surround myself with only positive people. And it really feels tangible on the mood.

Further, no less important item, I think – walks in the fresh air. Every day, regardless of the weather, in any mood you need to walk a lot and long. It can be a park, a forest, everything that is away from roads and cars. This will be useful not only for your physical and emotional state, but also for your baby.

And the last thing is physical exercise. To date, it will not be difficult to find interesting video games to your liking and perform them as far as possible. Of course, you can start any exercises only if there are no contraindications to the doctor. Personally, I immediately bought myself a fitball ball and when I did not have the desire to do gymnastics, I just sat and balanced on the ball or performed Kegel’s exercise (you can search the internet for information about this exercise). This simple exercise you still say thank you in the future on childbirth and after in the recovery period.

Thanks to these simple rules, I really enjoyed the period of pregnancy, and I’m sure that it all helped me to be in the same form already a week after the birth.

Now my child is six months old and my weight is already 9 kg less than before delivery, I feel fine and have a healthy baby.

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