Metroendometritis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane and the muscular membrane of the uterus due to infection in the uterus. Most often, this disease occurs after childbirth, when the surface of the uterus, in fact, is a wound surface that is not protected with virtually nothing from the infection.

Metroendometritis can also appear after a failed abortion, miscarriage, as a result of trauma to the genitals, removal of the tumor of the uterus, polyps of the uterus. Meteoroid metritis can be caused by typhus, influenza, colds.

The acute form of metroendometritis can be accompanied by severe intoxication of the woman’s body, paresis of the intestine. In the absence of proper treatment, the disease acquires a chronic course, causes infertility, and sometimes an abscess of the uterus. In the latter case, treatment is possible only by surgical removal of the uterus.

Attention! Cure metroendometrit by using hirudotherapy or folk remedies is impossible.

Met endometritis is preceded by endometritis inflammation of the uterine mucosa. If the inflammatory process was not detected in time, and no treatment was prescribed, then the muscular tissues of the uterus are involved in the inflammatory process. Therefore, it is so important to visit a gynecologist at least once a year. It is advisable to observe a permanent gynecologist, so that the doctor can track the dynamics and time to notice the alarming symptoms.

Symptoms of metroendometritis.

Symptoms of metroendometritis are common.

pain in the lower abdomen and in the groin.

mucopurulent or purulent discharge from the vagina.

temperature increase.

an increase in ESR.

menstrual cycle disorders.

absence of ovulation.

The acute stage of this disease lasts about 5-6 days. Further, rejection and decomposition of endometrial mucosa occurs. Inflammation often spreads through the lymph nodes and vessels to the muscles. In the inflammatory process, the peritoneum and surrounding tissues are often involved. The worst variant of development of events of sepsis of the uterus.

Treatment of metroendometritis.

Treatment of metroendometritis consists in anti-inflammatory therapy, administration of antibiotics. Treatment of metroendometritis should be performed in a hospital. Hospitalization is mandatory in the acute stage of the disease. The patient must comply with bed rest. It is necessary to put ice on the stomach. With severe pain give an anesthetic.

With chronic metroendometry, warm syringings, electrophoresis, paraffin and mud therapy are often prescribed. It is also necessary to take antihistamines and vitamins. With concomitant ovarian hypofunction hormonal therapy is recommended.

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