Menopause – the end or the beginning?

Menopause - the end or the beginning?

There is no woman in the world, probably a woman who would not be afraid of this word – menopause. But is it so terrible and what to do if it appeared in your life?

Of course, in addition there is a lot of inconvenience – wrinkles, tides, mood swings, libido decreases. But with all this, you can continue to live a full life, and even more so, sexy!

Menopause is a definitive and irrevocable condition, in which the menses do not repeat for more than a year. Before menopause, the ovarian function decreases. Menstruation appears less and less and becomes weaker, although it may be vice versa. All these changes are due to anovulation, that is, the cessation of the production of mature oocytes. This process makes a woman unable to have more children. But between the periods of anovulation, ovulation cycles can still pass, so the risk of getting pregnant is still present. In order to make sure that the menopause has already come, the woman needs to have a blood test. And if the level of FGS is below 30 IU / L, then there is a menopause.

During menopause, a woman may experience such unpleasant phenomena as hot flashes and increased sweating at night. Avoid hormonal homeopathic remedies. They are sold without a prescription in each pharmacy. To facilitate and prevent tides, it is important to follow a few simple rules. Do not eat hot and spicy food, which will only provoke another tide. Wear things from natural materials to make the body breathe. In the bedroom, try to lower and lower the temperature to 17-19 degrees, do not cover the bed with warm blankets. If necessary, always turn on the fan or air conditioner.

The following are the enemies of women during menopause migraines and insomnia. Insomnia itself is the result of tides, which even in the middle of the night do not allow their owner to sleep peacefully. A woman can wake up because of wet underwear and need to change it. And also to not allow to sleep easy can be the stress experienced at work or in the family. To remove fatigue and overcome stress will help yoga or meditation. But from insomnia, you can try a drug proven in youth – sex. After him, and get better sleep and the head does not hurt.

Some women experience discomfort during sex because of the dryness of the vagina. With this problem you can cope with the help of lubricants, preferably on a water basis. They envelop the walls of the vagina and facilitate penetration. The frequency of sexual contacts increases the flow of blood to the walls of the vagina, and their secretory function will improve.

Menopause is not the end! It is only a new stage in your life that you must overcome with your head held high. You are a woman. And everything is subject to you!

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