Mature pregnancy. Causes and consequences

Mature pregnancy. Causes and consequences

Pregnant women are constantly worried about every trifle, and when the time has come, and there is still no birth, they begin to panic. Yes, and the doctor says the bad effect of repowering on the baby, which further frightens the expectant mother.

Almost all women do not immediately know about pregnancy and therefore do not remember when the conception occurred. In this case, it is customary to start counting forty weeks from the start of the last menstruation. Admitted error is considered a couple of weeks, then the birth will begin from 38 to 42 weeks. But when 42 weeks have already come, and there is no birth … then the pregnancy is considered to be postponed.

What can be the consequences of the refocusing?

This worries all women who have a baby in no hurry to appear, This leads to complications, both in mom and in baby. Sometimes it even comes to illness or what’s worse than the death of a baby. When the child becomes larger, it increases the risk of trauma at the birth of the baby or leads to chronic hypoxia with a lack of oxygen.

If you take into account all the possible complications, then you should take seriously to pererashivaniyu and adhere to all the advice of a doctor who monitors your pregnancy.

But do not confuse overpopulation with overrip. Peresvreost is a condition of the newborn. That and perenashivayut not more than 3%, tk. This situation doctors are trying to provide and immediately solve.

Signs of a pregnant pregnancy:

– a sudden decrease in the number of amniotic fluid;

– lack of a flat bubble tight head of a child;

– immature uterus;

– the absence in the waters of cereal damp grease (detected with ultrasound), then the baby will be born with dry skin;

– old age of the placenta;

– turbidity of water, in which the child lacks oxygen;

– reduce the volume of the stomach;

– weight reduction;

– allocation is not colostrum, and milk from the breast.

Causes of a pregnant pregnancy:

– lack of “biological readiness” for childbirth;

– violation of the functions of the CNS of a woman and her child;

– impaired functions of the placenta;

– the immature immune system of the baby;

– lack of vitamin;

– previous abortion;

– diseases of the reproductive system;

– mental trauma;

– heredity;

– unconscious fears;

– decreased activity in the last months of pregnancy.

And so, let’s note that approximately 96% of babies who were born after the appointed day were born healthy. But do not rely on luck, listen to your body and to the advice of a gynecologist.

Light birth to you!

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