Mastery of female manipulation

Mastery of female manipulation

If the woman’s behavior were not manipulated, this world would be different. The relationship between a man and a woman is an arena for theater manipulation. The very nature of men gives rise to the use of manipulation, moreover, do not resort to the ladies to this weapon, it would be men in the red, since the straightforwardness of the words and actions of women they would not like.

Influence the behavior of a colleague, friend, loved one can learn. There is a whole arsenal of widespread and little-known tactics, intended for the management of almost any man. Then we will talk about some of them.

“Appeal to the male honor”

Men often flaunt that they were born by men, and women use it for manipulation. Pushing a man to do things, sayings like “do not be a rag” or calling for duty to protect the weak.

“The transition to personality”

A sudden changeover to a different topic, sharply different from the general context, for example, the phrase “you just do not do it” or “you do not care about anything”, then the personal qualities of the interlocutor become suddenly the subject of discussion. This technique involves discrediting the arguments of the participant in the dialogue by discrediting him, in order to translate the conversation into an individual, after which responsibility for and presentation of claims or demand for a specific action or lack thereof will follow. Often, this pulls for a generalization, after which the “accused” is already guilty in almost all the misfortunes, including “spent on his young years.”


Another embodiment of the incompleteness of female phrases is a half-word. They have in common – an amazing manifestation of female ingenuity, designed to mislead a man, puzzle, evoke emotions, provoke wrong conclusions, etc. Misty descriptions of real events, incomplete statements, which contain hints or omissions about something, etc.

“Double standards”

The fact that the lovely ladies are interested in the beloved from whom the SMS received and what it is about is self-evident, but his question is, in the opinion of the woman, “it’s not his business”. Then follows the continuation in the negative direction: reproaches, a reminder that women are not slaves, accusations of excessive control, and even the diagnosis, because “normal people like themselves do not allow it.”


The phrases of this cunning person are in this case at the point of indeterminacy. For example, a female “possibly” can have quite a few interpretations on a scale between “yes” and “no”. Juggling with ambiguities – this will go away, stay, sympathize, blame, love, do not like … This dualism is created in order to show the man the fragility of the usual things. Evaluating the behavior of the “object of force application,” the woman decides whether to stay on the brink of war, for better remembering for the future or returning to the brink of peace. Such a shake is a preventive measure for a man from arrogance and habit; For a while or for a long time, his confidence as a hand removes, he realizes all the instability of his situation.

Some of the women, ending sex with this manipulation, seem to indicate the dependence of the chosen one on it, mixing it with simultaneous awareness of the possibility of loss in case of undesirable behavior.

Most of the representatives of the weaker sex, someone unconsciously, and someone consciously, are able to control men. But few of them masterly master this art. The highest level of manipulation is to prevent the representatives of the stronger sex from noticing that they are under the influence, so that they do not suspect that they are being manipulated.

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