Massage for women

Massage for women

Massage, as a means of improving the physical and mental state, is known to people a very long time. It has been used for more than one thousand years. Naturally, during this time, many of its varieties appeared, solving various problems, including correction of the figure.

Initially, the massage involved working with the body with your hands. Now massage is not always limited to the hands. There were methods of massage, when stones (stonotherapy), aromatic oils, cans (can massage), apparatuses are used.

With massage, the effect is not only on the skin, but also on the muscles and joints. All this improves the general condition of the body.

Naturally, they have adopted the art of massage and beauty salons, which offer various programs for correcting the figure. On a site it is possible to get all necessary for massage both in house conditions, and for massage offices.

It is worth noting that in itself massage is not able to dramatically change the shape and reduce weight, but in combination with exercise, diet and other ways of correcting the figure.

It is for the purpose of losing weight that the most suitable method is manual lymph drainage. The essence of this method is to force the movement of lymph, which in natural conditions moves in the body due to the contraction of the diaphragm and deep breathing. However, in modern conditions of life, when the movement is clearly not enough, lymph often stagnates. Hence, there are swelling, cellulite and other troubles that spoil the life of any woman. Massage, causing lymph to flow again in the right rhythm, improves energy metabolism, saturates cells with oxygen, removes puffiness and can generally be used as one of the means of modeling the body.

To combat such manifestations of excess weight as cellulite, there is an anti-cellulite massage, including the use of special anti-cellulite products and cans.

Of course, massage is used not only for the beauty of the figure, that is, cosmetic massage. It is also used for medicinal purposes and can be point and reflex-segment, as well as tonic or relaxing. And erotic massage can improve the quality of sexual life.

To get rid of stress and fatigue, bring thoughts and feelings in order, you can use stonoterapiey. For this, stones are used that are believed to carry a positive or negative charge. For this type of massage used heated positively charged stones – white marble, jade, basalt.

Aromassage is also suitable for the same purposes. This kind of massage requires soft, smooth movements, unlike usual, when there is active kneading and rubbing. The combination of stroking and aromas of essential oils works wonders – peace is achieved, emotions return to normal, the general condition of the body improves.


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