Marjaraasana – For Mental Health And Sound Physical

Yoga now is all the rage. It have much popularity and is a subject that excites folks?s interest. In this post we’ll discuss Marjaraasana – the cat pose.

Procedure: Sit with the knees and toes on the earth on your own haunches. Turn the toes rear so the soles face up. Loosen the muscles in the torso area and let the torso descend under gravity. At exactly the same time, let the head and neck curve backwards as far as possible. Rest the abdomen and shut the eyes. Direct your focus to the whole body and practise differential easiness that is mindful. Keep the head participated in pranadharana (consciousness of breath). This is the final position of marjaraasana keep it according to capacity.

An expansion of the preceding position can be achieved in the following way: remaining in the closing position got above, open your eyes. So that it forms like an arch arch the back upwards. Rest the neck and hang down the head. This is the final extension position of marjaraasana- keep it according to capacity.

Advantages: The spinal column becomes supple and flexible; it helps to correct the practical flaws of spinal column and the back. The well-being of the organs in the torso enhances. You’re alleviated of pain and backache in the neck caused by exertion. In addition, it soothes the lumbar area of the spinal column and the neck muscles and invigorates the spinal nerves, enhances blood circulation in the stomach area thus making respiratory, digestive and excretory procedures.

Warning: The reader of this post should exercise all precautions before following some of the asanas from the website and this post. To prevent any difficulties while doing the asanas, it’s advised that you consult with a physician and a yoga teacher. The responsibility lies entirely with the reader and not with the writer or the website.

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